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After three months of hard work, The Blockheads' homes go up for auction. Which team will take home a guaranteed $100,000?

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Season 19
For the first time in four years The Block houses are open for inspection to fans and potential buyers.
It's the final judgment day. With two gnomes in play which team will impress the judges with their front yards and the rest of their homes and drive away in a brand new car?
Shelley and Scotty visit the teams for one final time to check on their progress. The Blockheads push to complete their houses with only a couple of days to go.
Teams are facing challenges on all fronts with only five days left to complete their majestic front yard, garages, and the rest of their houses.
It's the last week on The Block and the teams must find the energy to create that all important street appeal.
The Blockheads' backyards are judged and with two gnomes in play it's going to be a nail biter. Which team will win the much needed $10,000?
Landscaping continues to be problematic for House 3 whilst Leah is reduced to tears. All the teams receive a nice budget boost to help get them across the line.
House 2 confront House 1's Landscaper Troy and Leslie fires back. Kristy and Brett come up with a plan to snooker House 2.
Everyone is questioning how House 1 can afford their Landscape Army. The girls have a getaway they will never forget.
The teams are judged on their upstairs bathrooms and re-do rooms. Who has turned their disasters into diamonds to take out the $10,000 prize?
The contestants enjoy emotional reunions with their families and take part in a side-splitting obstacle course. Will a body corporate bring the good vibes down?
House 3 hatches a plot to win the final week and the Mustang. Will Leah be successful in her campaign to stop them?
It's a big week on the Block as the contestants have to tackle two rooms; their upstairs bathroom and re-do rooms.
Some pint-sized judges decide which kids' bedroom is their favourite. Find out which team blows the judges away and take home $10,000.
The contestants are desperate to impress Scotty and to win $15,000 in a creative challenge. The Blockheads continue working on some inspiring kids' bedrooms.
Find out if the teams can put their differences aside for a worthwhile cause. Wacky ideas are beginning to take shape as the teams create the ultimate kids' bedrooms.
Steph and Gian get help from experts to help them create inspirational children's bedrooms. It's Ash's birthday, will a night out help repair fractured relationships?
Tonight, friendships are fractured. Plus, there is fierce competition as the judges score the teams master ensuites. Who will take out the $10,000?
Last nights post challenge celebrations have turned sour, with stresses rolling into the next day for some Blockheads. However, now they must focus on their master ensuite builds.