The Block

Season 17

Season 17, Episode 50 - The Auction

4.8 308 x
We finally get the answer to the question we have all been asking and we find out who wins The Block 2021.

Season 17, Episode 49 - Front Garden & Facade Week Reveal

4.0 129 x
It's the last reveal on The Block 2021 before auction day. Who wins a new car for their beautiful front garden and facade?

Season 17, Episode 48 - Front Garden & Facade Week

4.0 68 x
The Blockheads are ecstatic as their families are coming to visit. The teams reflect on their time on The Block.

Season 17, Episode 47 - Front Garden & Facade Week

3.0 71 x
Tensions rise, money troubles are everywhere and Bronte Court is chaotic as The Blockheads work on their front gardens and facades.

Season 17, Episode 46 - Front Garden & Facade Week

4.0 99 x
With only one week left, will the contestants finish their houses on time or will front garden and facade prove to be their toughest yet?

Season 17, Episode 45 - Garage/Study/Wine Cellars Reveal

4.0 93 x
The teams struggle to finish their massive spaces before the judges arrive. Who takes home $10,000?

Season 17, Episode 44 - Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week

4.0 60 x
The Blockheads have a mammoth task ahead of them with three rooms to deliver this week.

Season 17, Episode 43 - Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week

4.0 76 x
The blockheads are tired and broke. Scotty takes them away for a night and a fun challenge.

Season 17, Episode 42 - Garage, Study & Wine Cellar Week

3.0 70 x
Frosty relationships cause one team to refuse to enter another team's house.

Season 17, Episode 41 - Backyards Reveal

3.0 108 x
The judges are blown away by the stunning backyards. Find out who wins $10,000.