The Block

August 2017

Episode 12 (Kids Bedroom and Walk Arounds)

3.0 136 x
Scott and Shelley visit the teams and check on the progress of their kids bedrooms. There's budget worries for one couple and Foreman Keith catches one contestant trying to cheat.

Episode 11 (Kids Bedroom Continues and Challenge)

3.0 132 x
Everyone continues to plan and work on their kids room. One team calls the first body corporate meeting and it's off to the Yarra Valley for a Challenge to win some much needed prize money.

Episode 10 (Kids Bedroom Begins)

2.5 153 x
The teams start work on their kids bedrooms. One of the couples house is shut down and a Block surprise brings an emotional reunion.

Episode 9 (Guest Bedroom Judging)

3.0 264 x
It's a tough decision for Block Judges Neale Whittaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer delivering the closest room judging scores in Block history.

Episode 8 (Guest Bedroom Takes Its Toll)

3.5 234 x
Emotions get the better of some of the Blockheads as they continue work on their Guest Bedrooms and a practical joke backfires.

Episode 7 (Guest Bedroom Continues)

3.0 129 x
Three out of the five couples take on the extra challenge to add an en-suite and walk in robe to their guest bedroom delivery this week. The Block Foreman, Keith, puts his foot down with one of the contestants and has some bad news for another.

Episode 6 (Guest Bedroom Begins)

4.0 142 x
The couples start demolition and planning for their guest bedroom. Clint and Hannah have got some big decisions to make around fixing up their unfinished bathroom from last week. One contestant gets some sad news.

Episode 5 (Bathroom Reveals)

4.5 310 x
Tonight it's a frantic race to the finish as our couples deliver their incredible main bathrooms to the judges, sadly one team doesn't finish in time for tools down.

Episode 4 (Bathroom Week Continues)

4.0 186 x
Episode 4 (Bathroom Week Continues) of The Block was broadcast by Channel 9 on Thursday 3 August 2017 at 10:30.

Episode 4 (Bathroom Week)

4.0 119 x
The Blockheads all face different challenges as they approach delivery day of their bathrooms. Site Foreman, Keith, shuts down one house with the team having to stay the night with their neighbours.