The Block

September 2020

Episode 21: Kitchen Week

4.0 9 x
There is excitement all round as the teams prepare for kitchen week. Check out who has upset his trades.

Episode 20: Bedroom & Bathroom Reveal

3.0 28 x
Design inspiration all-round as the judges decide who takes home the $10,000 prize money for the best bedroom and bathroom.

Episode 19: Bedroom & Bathroom Week

4.0 44 x
Luke and Jasmin are having a very bad day while Sarah and George have returned raring to go, Dan is shocked.

Episode 18: Bedroom & Bathroom Week

3.0 21 x
The teams are back at The Block after COVID-19 shutdown. Will dirty Harry pay for the price for being sneaky?

Episode 17: Bedroom & Bathroom Week

4.0 33 x
Get you tissues ready for the most emotional episode of The Block ever.

Episode 16: Master Ensuite Reveal

3.0 96 x
The teams have overcome hurdles to produce some of the best bathrooms ever. Find out who wins and takes home the $10,000 cash.

Episode 15: Master Ensuite Week

3.0 62 x
The Block parents face a tough decision, the stress is mounting, and one contestant is accused of dobbing.

Episode 14: Master Ensuite Week

4.0 28 x
Tonight's episode tugs on the heartstrings as the parents are offered a chance to reunite their families.

Episode 13: Master Ensuite Week

4.0 44 x
Keith loses his patience and wants to kick someone off The Block.

Episode 12: Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Reveal

3.5 72 x
Which team takes home $10,000 cash and which team's room do the judges deem a disaster?