The Block


Episode 47 (Grand Finale Auction)

3.0 121 x
After 12 weeks of renovation five apartments go under the hammer. The teams win anything bid over their reserves and the team with the highest over reserve takes home an additional $100,000.

Episode 46 (Open For Inspections)

4.0 99 x
The Block is Open for Inspection. Thousands of people get the chance to check out the apartments before the Auctions and meet their favourite Blockheads.

Episode 45 (Final Challenge Apartment Room Reveals)

3.0 79 x
It's the final room reveals of the series and what an amazing finish! The Judges decide on the final amounts to be taken off each team's reserve at auction.

Episode 44 (Final Challenge Apartment Week)

3.5 117 x
There is two days until the last tool is down on the Gatwick. Scott and Shelley visit the teams for one last walk around of the Challenge apartment.

Episode 43 (Final Challenge Apartment Week)

4.0 65 x
An argument erupts between Hans and Sara regarding Hayden's unwillingness to help the group.

Episode 42 (Final Challenge Apartment Week)

3.5 50 x
The second and final week of the challenge apartment begins. The Blockheads compete for their last chance to knock some money off their reserve prices at auction.

Episode 41 (Challenge Apartment Week One Reveal)

3.0 63 x
It's Challenge apartment week one room reveals. The judges decide which couples get a share in the Ninety thousand dollars up for grabs to take off their reserves at auction.

Episode 40 (Challenge Apartment Week One)

3.0 74 x
The scaffold around the exterior comes down and the glorious Gatwick is revealed.

Episode 39 (Challenge Apartment Week One)

4.0 87 x
After nominating Hayden as challenge apartment Treasurer, Sara un-nominates him giving all the power to the penthouses.

Episode 38 (Challenge Apartment Week One)

2.5 95 x
Our five teams begin week one of the Challenge apartment. The rooms are allocated and No one wants the dreaded hallway, but someone has to do it.