Ep 18 Missing in Action

3.0 0 x
In celebration of her forthcoming wedding, a bride-to-be embarks on her hens night at Whitby Funfair, where a clairvoyant gives her information linked to the death of her father, who went missing in action in the 1940s.

Ep 17 The Third Man

4.0 1 x
Mike's informant tells him that two local hoodlums are planning to raid a shipment of gold bullion from Haworth Point: prompting Shiner to set up an ambush to catch the would-be thieves

Ep 15 The High Life

3.0 3 x
Jenny is delighted when her younger brother Steve pays a visit, but her excitement soon turns to despair when she notices what the local vicar is growing in his greenhouse after she secures Steve a job.

Ep 16 Hung for a Sheep

4.0 2 x
As Mike begins his first assignment as a CID officer, his replacement, northerner Steve Crane, rides into Aidensfield to take on the role of village bobby, but Ventress thinks the youngster is too eager to prove his worth.

Ep 14 Out of the Blue

3.0 3 x
Vernon and David are involved in a serious car accident whilst driving a tanker filled with a mysterious substance, which pollutes the local reservoir and leaves everyone in Aidensfield struck down with a mysterious bug.
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