House Rules

May 2018

Season 2018 Episode 13

4.0 6 x
With tension at boiling point one team is at loggerheads during the race to the finish, then it's time for the judges to reveal their thoughts on this week;s renovation.

Season 2018 Episode 12

4.0 92 x
With one contestant walking out of the competition, does this mean the end for one team?

Season 2018 Episode 11

3.0 70 x
Teams work hard to give Josh and Brandon their ultimate lad pad but when zone wars break out a bust up between two teams almost sees a dramatic turn of events with one contestant walking out.

Season 2018 Episode 10

3.0 88 x
Competitive Mel and Dave return to their Hope Island home. Will they love their forever home? Who will top the leader board and who will head to the tent?

Season 2018 Episode 9

4.0 87 x
It's time for the judges to see Mel and Dave's transformed home. Will the wainscoting House Rule bring any teams undone or will the judges love what they see?

Season 2018 Episode 8

3.0 141 x
Teams continue to transform the worst house in the best street into a forever family home for competitive couple Mel and Dave, but an injury threatens one team's future on House Rules.

Season 2018 Episode 7

3.0 67 x
Mel and Dave live in the worst house in the best street. Chiara and David vow to work together but it?s not long before they're at loggerheads again. Injury threatens a team's place in the competition.

Season 2018 Episode 6

3.0 65 x
Jess and Jared return to their renovated home after a seven-day transformation. Will they feel all love for this former lad pad? After the scores are tallied who will top the leader board?

Season 2018 Episode 5

4.0 97 x
Judgement day has dawned in South Australia and teams use the last few precious hours to scramble to the finish before esteemed judges Laurence, Wendy & Drew score their zones.

Season 2018 Episode 4

4.0 73 x
The pressure is mounting on contestants as they continue to tackle another house. Cracks start to show with an announcement that will amp up the pressure.