Highway Patrol

September 2020

4. Diarrhoea Disaster

3.0 16 x
A man's desperate dash for the dunny because of diarrhea nearly ends in disaster when he's caught by officers Andy Oakley and Rob Jones.

Episode 5 - 16 Oct 2019

1.5 4 x
A man with a warrant for his arrest is on the run from police when he's suddenly spotted by the Highway Patrol. What follows next is a high speed chase, as the cops try and nail him on foot.

3. Missing Driver Mystery

4.5 10 x
When officers catch a taxi driver blatantly running a red light, it sets off a chain of events that has to be seen to be believed. A driver caught on his mobile is determined to argue the point.

4. You Can Run But You Can't Hide

4.0 7 x
Officers spot a car going at warp speed and when the driver shows no sign of stopping, it becomes a full-blown pursuit. Police are baffled when they pull over a driver who insists he is a UFO.

S10 E2 - Brand New Car

4.7 13 x
Officers Damien O'Brien and Steve Mottram come across a woman who prefers her dog to ride shotgun, rather than her boyfriend. Also, Sergeant Ash Hodges nails a man in a hurry to get to a family lunch.

1. Motorbike Mayhem

4.5 6 x
Officers Rob Jones and Matt Moohan spot a couple of motorbikes going at breakneck speed. Geelong is home to hoons and officer Rick Wilde pulls over a ute that looks to be full of them.

1. Ghost Rider

3.0 7 x
Police spot two motorcyclists racing each other on the streets of Epping. One pulls over but the other does a runner. A driver gets belligerent when he discovers the amount of trouble he's in.

2. Give It A Rest

3.0 6 x
When members of the Yarra Ranges Highway Patrol set up a covert sting, it causes them more drama than they bargained on. All hell breaks loose when police attempt to pull over a speeding driver.

S10 E10 - You Should Buy Me a Slab

4.7 6 x
George likes a traveller between work and home but when he gets pulled over by the cops, they find dozens of empty tinnies in his footwell. So will he pass his breath test?

S10 E1 - Slowest Getaway

4.0 6 x
When a car crashes a stop sign trying to run from police, it hurtles head on into the path of a bus. The driver has plenty of reasons to run -but will he avoid a serious smash?