Highway Patrol

July 2019

Episode 4 - 16 Jul 2019

4.0 18 x
A dangerous driver cops an earful when Leading Senior Constable Ash Bowden catches her going 50 kilometres over the speed limit. To make matters worse, she's a P plater too!

S9 E5 - Liar, Liar

3.0 3 x
An extremely drunk driver puts herself and others at risk, and can barely stand after being pulled over. Also, a motorcyclist overtaking a car is left screaming on the ground in agony.

3. Truck vs Car

3.0 13 x
In some of the most dramatic footage ever shown on Highway Patrol, dash cam captures the moment an SUV ploughs head on into a car.

Episode 2 - 09 Jul 2019

3.0 6 x
Cosmetic surgery program featuring Melbourne's Dr. Lanzer.

Episode 1 - 02 Jul 2019

4.0 23 x
A driver is caught using his phone and launches into a profanity-laden tirade. Also, a man driving an uninsured car with bald tyres crashes into a woman's front yard.

S8 E10 - Running From The Cops!

4.3 6 x
When the occupants of a car cruising past them start acting oddly, officers decide to take a closer look. But the car takes off from them and from there, the police chase develops into a manhunt.
June 2019

S8 E9 - He's A Stalker!

Expired 4.0 33 x
A police officer cops one heck of a serve when he catches one of his regular offenders. Also, two tradies are unhappy to be stopped on their way to work, and an elderly motorcyclist gets pulled over.

S8 E7 - Drop Ya Pants!

Expired 4.0 39 x
A driver is caught driving an unregistered vehicle, sending him into a rage against the police officers. Also, another driver is caught driving on L plates unaccompanied.

S8 E4 - Look What's In The Garden

3.0 46 x
When you're on bail, it pays to keep a low profile. But Senior Constable Tim Baker catches a driver who's doing absolutely the opposite. And wait till you see what he's caught with.

S8 E5 - What's The Emergency

2.8 6 x
A local know-it-all decides to side with a man driving like a bat out of hell in a residential area where kids are playing in parks and on bikes.