Highway Patrol

November 2018

S8 E7 - Drop Ya Pants!

4.0 3 x
A driver is caught driving an unregistered vehicle, sending him into a rage against the police officers. Also, another driver is caught driving on L plates unaccompanied.

4. Motorcycle Crash

3.0 5 x
A motorcycle rider has been run over whilst trying to go between two trucks and is in a critical condition. The trucks did not stop and the police must determine whether or not this was a hit and run.

5. Sleazeball

4.0 3 x
A man is caught speeding at 126kmph in an 80 zone, in an unregistered car with the wrong number plates. But his biggest worry is getting the woman he's out with home before her boyfriend finds out.

S8 E10 - Running From The Cops!

4.3 15 x
When the occupants of a car cruising past them start acting oddly, officers decide to take a closer look. But the car takes off from them and from there, the police chase develops into a manhunt.

S8 E6 - Never Lie To A Cop

4.0 17 x
It's all very suspicious when Sergeant Ash Hodges comes across a man in a beaten up car who's leaving a crash scene. The crash wasn't the man's fault but he still seems unnaturally anxious.

1. Hash And Dash

4.0 9 x
Officer Moore catches a speeding driver who is carrying marijuana, and a truck driver gets stuck in a median strip after illegally taking a U-turn with his massive truck.

3. Stole Mum's Car

3.0 5 x
Officer Anderton pulls over an unlicensed 17-year-old out with his mates in his mother's car. But when the officer calls the boy's mother, she admits to having given him permission to use the car.

S8 E5 - What's The Emergency

2.5 23 x
A local know-it-all decides to side with a man driving like a bat out of hell in a residential area where kids are playing in parks and on bikes.
October 2018

10. Season Finale

4.0 13 x
Senior Constable Pete Henry is called to the scene of an accident where a driver has smashed into a power pole.

9. Drunk & Pregnant

3.0 20 x
Officers pull over a pregnant woman so drunk she can barely walk and a driver busted doing doughnuts does the runner.