Highway Patrol

April 2020

S8 E2 - You Guys Are The Worst!

4.5 29 x
A police officer is taken aback at the reaction she gets from a bike rider who refuses to wear his helmet.

S8 E3 - Smashing, Running And Rescuing!

3.0 10 x
A crowbar wielding driver gets out of control when he learns his car is to be impounded by police.
March 2020

10. Do As I Say, Not As I Do

2.8 28 x
A man whose vehicle is plastered with safety messages tries to pull off a dangerous manoeuvre – right in front of the Highway Patrol.

S5 E10 - Car Crash Carnage

4.0 15 x
Officers attend to a car crash with a heavily pregnant victim. Then, Police catch two speedsters simultaneously and the cars they're driving have to be seen to be believed.

S8 E1 - Witches, Wizards And Pots Of Gold

4.0 4 x
Police are naturally suspicious when they spot a ute with a number plate cover controlled by a remote.

9. Concrete Heads

4.0 24 x
A group of tradies go ballistic when they’re caught without seatbelts and with an unsafe load. Then a motorcyclist carries on when his attempt to run from police is horribly unsuccessful.

3. Australia's Biggest Bogan

4.0 12 x
When police pull over a car for being too low, they meet a man who reckons he's Australia's biggest bogan. And with a range of bad tattoos and a penchant for cigarettes and cars, he may be right.

S5 E8 - Smash And Dash

3.5 21 x
A man flees the scene of a crash, police pull over a homeless man driving a stolen car and officers are confronted with a naked driver and a car filled with interesting toys.

S5 E9 - Drunk And Angry

4.0 5 x
Officers are on the end of a drunken man's anger and police are left to deal with a tempestuous two-year-old who is refusing to obey the law.

4. Australia's Angriest Man

2.0 38 x
A traffic cop is used to abuse but when a Senior Constable pulls over a driver, he gets a reaction like never before. An officer stops a car with two extremely stoned occupants - and a baby on board.