Highway Patrol

October 2019

Episode 5 - 16 Oct 2019

3.0 14 x
A man with a warrant for his arrest is on the run from police when he's suddenly spotted by the Highway Patrol. What follows next is a high speed chase, as the cops try and nail him on foot.

S4 E6 - Stolen Rental

4.3 17 x
A car runs a red light in front of an officer and then tries to speed away. Then a Senior Constable arrives at an incident to find a car crashed into a fence and a drunken man claiming he's not responsible.

S4 E7 - Sandwich Pursuit

1.5 4 x
A Sergeant is checking number plates when a bike with personalised plates comes up as unregistered. He attempts to pull over the bike but the rider tries to get away resulting in a long highway pursuit.

4. Ghost Plates

3.0 21 x
A Senior Constable intercepts a speeding bike rider on an unroadworthy bike who he has encountered before. Then a Senior Constable comes across a case she has been avidly looking out for - ghost plates.

S4 E5 - SES Rescue

3.0 6 x
A driver involved in a horrific crash is trapped in the wreckage which is wrapped around a tree. Amazingly he is still conscious, and officers co-ordinate the rescue helicopters as teams try to cut him out.

S4 E2 - Doped Driver

4.5 28 x
A night of random breath testing proves quite interesting for officers, police break up a roadside drinking session and black smoke signals a lot of problems with a wannabe mechanic's car.

3. Asserting My Rights

4.0 10 x
A bolshy bike rider pulls a wheelie right in front of an unmarked cop car. The rider attempts to evade the police before falling off his bike, but continues to try and make a run for it.
September 2019

S6 E10 - Highway Patrol S6: Ep 10

4.0 36 x
Officers deal with a hoon on the road and a repeat drink driver who refuses to go to the police station. Then, officers spot a car with no license plates where the driver does a runner.

S4 E1 - Stolen Getaway Car

3.0 13 x
A driver crashes into a garden and claims it was because of the wet road, but onlookers have a different story. Police call off a high speed chase of a stolen car, but later find the car dumped with all sorts of evidence.

S10 E1 - Slowest Getaway

4.0 35 x
When a car crashes a stop sign trying to run from police, it hurtles head on into the path of a bus. The driver has plenty of reasons to run -but will he avoid a serious smash?