Highway Patrol

April 2019

S5 E8 - Smash And Dash

Expired 3.5 104 x
A man flees the scene of a crash, police pull over a homeless man driving a stolen car and officers are confronted with a naked driver and a car filled with interesting toys.

S5 E9 - Drunk And Angry

Expired 4.0 21 x
Officers are on the end of a drunken man's anger and police are left to deal with a tempestuous two-year-old who is refusing to obey the law.
March 2019

S5 E7 - Street Revolt

Expired 3.0 52 x
Alcohol and testosterone can be an explosive combination and sure enough, things get well out of hand when a group of men gather to mourn their dead mate. Two young men flaunt their illegally modified muscle car.

4. Australia's Angriest Man

Expired 4.0 45 x
A traffic cop is used to abuse but when a Senior Constable pulls over a driver, he gets a reaction like never before. An officer stops a car with two extremely stoned occupants - and a baby on board.

2. Lucky To Be Alive

Expired 3.0 40 x
A young man's decision to do burnouts comes to a terrible conclusion when he crashes into a power pole. A woman pulled over for speeding lies about her name. What is she trying to hide?

S7 E10 - Yes, No, Maybe

Expired 4.0 41 x
An officers patience is tested well beyond his limits when he catches an extremely drunk driver. A driver going hellishly fast smashes into a young woman then does a runner from the scene.
February 2019

S7 E9 - Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

Expired 4.0 57 x
An officer pulls over an aggressive P Plater who was caught on her mobile phone and denies everything. An elderly woman's driving lesson goes horribly wrong when she panics and hits the accelerator.

4. You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Expired 4.0 51 x
Officers spot a car going at warp speed and when the driver shows no sign of stopping, it becomes a full-blown pursuit. Police are baffled when they pull over a driver who insists he is a UFO.

8. Eskypades

Expired 4.0 13 x
When officers pull over a driver, they are greeted with a barrage of swearing and aggression. A young couple's holiday gets off to a scary start when they lose control of their car.

3. Missing Driver Mystery

Expired 4.0 44 x
When officers catch a taxi driver blatantly running a red light, it sets off a chain of events that has to be seen to be believed. A driver caught on his mobile is determined to argue the point.