Highway Patrol

November 2017

Season 1 Episode 8

4.0 17 x
Ivan Bosnjak clocks a car doing 148km in an 80km zone and after a high-speed pursuit the driver rams the police car.

Season 1 Episode 7

3.0 4 x
Senior Constable Brad Mascoll narrowly misses being pricked by needles while he is searching a car.
October 2017

Wed 1 Jul, season 7 episode 4

3.6 39 x
Officers spot a car going at warp speed and when the driver shows no sign of stopping, it becomes a full-blown pursuit.

Season 9 Episode 10

3.7 75 x
Leading Senior Constable Pete Henry comes across a car engulfed in flames on the freeway - is anyone trapped inside?

Season 9 Episode 9

3.0 67 x
Senior Constables Ash South and Paul Holtzinger are patrolling the streets of south east Melbourne when a driver pulls a massive burnout right in front of them.

Season 9 Episode 8

4.5 74 x
Pulling a mono in front of Ash Bowden's cop car is never a smart move, especially when you try and deny it.

Season 9 Episode 708

4.5 71 x
It's not unusual to hate police but what is unusual is the over the top reaction of a man when he's pulled over.
September 2017

Season 9 Episode 6

4.7 102 x
A man who’s decided the law doesn’t apply to him is in for a rude shock when he gets pulled over by police.

Season 9 Episode 5

2.7 113 x
An extremely drunk driver puts herself and others at risk, and can barely stand after being pulled over.
July 2017

Season 9, Episode 3

4.6 376 x
In some of the most dramatic footage ever shown on this program, a dash cam captures the moment an SUV ploughs head on into a car.