Highway Patrol

July 2017

Season 8, Episode 8

4.0 17 x
A suspended driver doing an illegal U-turn knocks over a motorcyclist who it turns out is also unlicensed, a second motorcyclist caught speeding without a helmet is found not to hold a licence.

Wed 19 Oct, season 8 episode 7

3.4 8 x
A driver is caught driving an unregistered vehicle, sending him into a rage against the police officers. Also, another driver is caught driving on L plates unaccompanied.

Season 9, Episode 2

3.0 15 x
A driver who spots a police car goes on the run - straight into a truck. Also, a man gets angry after being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, and two cars collide in Melbourne.

Mon 1 Aug, season 8 episode 6

2.8 20 x
It's all very suspicious when Sergeant Ash Hodges comes across a man in a beaten up car who's leaving a crash scene. The crash wasn't the man's fault but he still seems unnaturally anxious.

Season 9, Episode 1

3.0 49 x
A driver is caught using his phone and launches into a profanity-laden tirade. Also, Sergeant Ash Hodges comes across a man in a beaten up car who's leaving a crash scene.
November 2016

Wed 8 Nov, season 8 episode 10

3.6 1,855 x
When the occupants of a car cruising past them start acting oddly, officers decide to take a closer look. But the car takes off from them and from there, the police chase develops into a manhunt.

Wed 2 Nov, season 8 episode 9

3.7 487 x
A police officer cops one heck of a serve when he catches one of his regular offenders. Also, two tradies are unhappy to be stopped on their way to work.
October 2016

Wed 26 Oct, season 8 episode 8

4.0 287 x
Two bikers land in big trouble for different reasons. One lands in hospital after running into a driver doing an illegal u-turn, while the other is unlicensed, unregistered and speeding.
July 2016

Mon 25 Jul, season 8 episode 5

3.8 361 x
A local know-it-all decides to side with a man driving like a bat out of hell in a residential area where kids are playing in parks and on bikes.

Mon 18 Jul, season 8 episode 4

3.0 340 x
When you're on bail, it pays to keep a low profile. But Senior Constable Tim Baker catches a driver who's doing absolutely the opposite. And wait till you see what he's caught with.
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