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Highway Patrol

January 2020

6. Unlicensed And Unrestrained

4.0 33 x
Officer Megan pulls over an unlicensed driver with an unrestrained toddler in the back seat. A driver in a Maserati is busted on the phone.

7. Hidden Needles

4.0 7 x
An officer narrowly misses being pricked by needles and a highly-strung youth gets lippy with Senior Constable Megan De Winne.

4. Flipping Idiots

3.0 27 x
Officers are called to a local park after reports of hooning. On arrival they find a car on its roof, but there's no sign of the occupants.

5. Drug Mule

4.0 9 x
Officer Megan De Winne recognises a red car and pulls it over for a routine check and a driver is pulled over for doing 130km in a 110km zone.
December 2019

S1 E2 - Drug Family

4.0 130 x
When an unlicensed driver is questioned, the situation gets tense and a scuffle breaks out. And a driver is clocked doing 151kmph.

3. Rider On The Run

4.5 31 x
Officers engage in a high-speed motorcycle chase and pull over a young driver for not displaying her P plates.
November 2019

10. Speed Drink Suspend

4.0 52 x
Officers Henry and Emmanouel are called to a fatal accident at railway crossing. And a driver, who has hit a few cars on his way back from McDonalds, seems too drunk to answer some easy questions.

S1 E1 - Hells Angel

4.3 49 x
A driver ploughs through a school fence, and another makes excuses for speeding.

S2 E8 - Lamp Post

4.0 49 x
Senior Constable McCran is called to find a driver who's crashed and fled the scene. Once found, the driver admits he's had too much to drink.

9. Drunk Parking

4.0 31 x
An officer sees a poorly parked car at a shopping centre, but the man behind the wheel claims he wasn't driving!