Highway Patrol

Highway Patrol catch up

Season 10

S10 E2 - Brand New Car

4.8 186 x
Officers Damien O'Brien and Steve Mottram come across a woman who prefers her dog to ride shotgun, rather than her boyfriend. Also, Sergeant Ash Hodges nails a man in a hurry to get to a family lunch.

Season 10, Episode 1 - Slowest Getaway

4.0 85 x
When a car crashes a stop sign trying to run from police, it hurtles head on into the path of a bus. The driver has plenty of reasons to run -but will he avoid a serious smash?
Season 9

Season 9, Episode 8 - Mono Mania

4.3 91 x
Pulling a mono in front of Ash Bowden's cop car is never a smart move especially when you try and deny it. The lies soon turn to tears when the rider learns the consequences.

3. Truck vs Car

4.0 51 x
In some of the most dramatic footage ever shown on Highway Patrol, dash cam captures the moment an SUV ploughs head on into a car.
Season 5

S5 E10 - Car Crash Carnage

4.0 38 x
Officers attend to a car crash with a heavily pregnant victim. Then, Police catch two speedsters simultaneously and the cars they're driving have to be seen to be believed.

S5 E9 - Drunk And Angry

4.5 52 x
Officers are on the end of a drunken man's anger and police are left to deal with a tempestuous two-year-old who is refusing to obey the law.

S5 E8 - Smash And Dash

4.0 78 x
A man flees the scene of a crash, police pull over a homeless man driving a stolen car and officers are confronted with a naked driver and a car filled with interesting toys.

S5 E7 - Street Revolt

3.0 44 x
Alcohol and testosterone can be an explosive combination and sure enough, things get well out of hand when a group of men gather to mourn their dead mate. Two young men flaunt their illegally modified muscle car.
Season 7

S7 E10 - Yes, No, Maybe

4.5 39 x
An officer's patience is tested well beyond his limits when he catches an extremely drunk driver. A driver going hellishly fast smashes into a young woman then does a runner from the scene.

S7 E9 - Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

4.0 54 x
An officer pulls over an aggressive P Plater who was caught on her mobile phone and denies everything. An elderly woman's driving lesson goes horribly wrong when she panics and hits the accelerator.