Back Country Rescue

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Back Country Rescue

Tim demands a lot of everyone around him, especially during a cave rescue—what he describes as “the worst kind of rescue possible.

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Season 1
Wiedie and Chris designed their lives so they can experience all Jackson Hole has to offer. And when a young snowmobiler’s first ride into the backcountry spins out of control, they join forces with Jess and Flip to execute a perfect “swoop and scoop” rescue.
Jamie puts his trust in new explosives technology to keep ski slopes safe and the local highways open all winter. But his barrage of anti-avalanche bombs is not enough to save everyone.
For Jess, life at home feels out of control. But she’s got the work routine dialed in, even as the team is hit with an unprecedented three rescues in under twelve hours. off a 200 foot cliff.
Dr. AJ Wheeler’s hectic schedule keeps him out of action, but his team battles high winds in the heli to save a snowmobiler with a busted femur. Then another call comes in and Dr. Wheeler is there, trying to rescue a man who tumbles off a 200 foot cliff.
Jake and Marilynn cancel a dinner party so they can respond to an injured skier on Teton Pass.
The first priority of every mission is team safety, so when conditions on Pyramid Peak threaten Jake and Cody during a rescue, Tim demands they pump the breaks.
Anthony strives to prove himself as medical lead responding to a snowmobile crash on Togwotee Pass.