Bin Laden: The Road To 9/11

Bin Laden: The Road To 9/11 catch up

September 2022

S1 Ep1

Expired 4.0 13 x
This episode follows Osama Bin Laden's early life as as a schoolboy in Saudi Arabia - raised in a wealthy family, he watches Westerns, enjoys football and avoids playground fights. His childhood friend, Khaled Batarfi, says of him - 'He was good, I don't know what happened to him'. In 1980, after the invasion of Afghanista...

S1 Ep2

Expired 3.0 15 x
This episode begins with Bin Laden returning home to Saudi Arabia from Afghanistan, an acclaimed war hero after the withdrawal of the Soviet - a military victory that he believes he helped achieve. However, 18 months after he returns, Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait prompting the anxious Saudi authorities to seek protection ...

S1 Ep3

Expired 3.0 10 x
This episode begins in 1997 with Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda ramping up its operations in Afghanistan. With America his target, he grants rare interviews to US networks from his mountain base to take his threats straight into US homes. He follows this, in 1998, with his infamous fatwa calling for 'the murder of any American, anyw...