Btn Specials

Season 2021

Season 2021, Episode 4 - The Future Of Transport

3.0 2 x
This BTN special looks at the future of transport. We find out more about electric cars, take a ride on a train that travels at super-high speeds and check out what the cars of the future might look like.

Season 2021, Episode 3 - Global Citizenship

4.0 4 x
Global Citizenship is the topic of this BTN special. We meet some kids taking part in the World Peace Games, find out more about the history of the UN and learn about the important work the World Food Programme does.

Season 2021, Episode 2 - Threatened Species

4.0 8 x
This Threatened Species special looks at plants that are in trouble and the impact the Black Summer bushfires had on koalas. Plus we learn more about the importance of frogs.

Season 2021, Episode 1 - World War Ii Anniversary

3.0 3 x
This BTN Special gives a brief history of World War II. We find out about Australia's role in the war and learn more about the bombing of Darwin. We also take a look at the impact WWII had on the world.
Season 2020

Season 2020, Episode 7 - Australian History

3.0 1 x
This special begins a look at what it was like on the First Fleet, how six separate British colonies formed the Australia we know today, what the Constitution is and why the Eureka Stockade was a turning point in history.

Season 2020, Episode 9 (Indigenous History)

4.0 2 x
We look back at some important moments in the history of Indigenous Australians. We join the Freedom Ride 50 years after it hit the road, find out what happened at Wave Hill and why some people think there should be a treaty.

Season 2020, Episode 24 (Endeavour Anniversary)

4.0 5 x
This BTN special looks at how Australia has changed in the 250 years since James Cook arrived in his ship the Endeavour. We get a tour of a replica of the ship and find out how it came across this island continent.

Season 2020, Episode 23 (Covid Science)

4.0 6 x
COVID-19 has been in the news all year and in this BTN special we look at what a virus is, how a vaccine might work and get a lesson in handwashing.

Season 2020, Episode 22 (Financial Literacy)

4.0 4 x
This BTN special explores the importance of being able to manage money. We find out how the stock market works and how a kid decided how to spend his family's money for a month.

Season 2020, Episode 21 (Solar System And Beyond)

3.0 14 x
This Solar System & Beyond special celebrates the anniversary of the discovery of Pluto, finds out how scientists are getting close to the Sun and looks at the possibility of life on exoplanets.