March 2020

Season 17, Episode 32 (Smell: Our Most Underestimated Sense)

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Smell is our most ancient, but also our most underestimated sense. In this episode Anja Taylor investigates the hidden powers of smell & how smell influences many aspects of our lives in ways we often overlook. #ABCcatalyst

Season 17, Episode 33 (Hidden Secrets Of Art / Out Of Africa)

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Catalyst goes behind the scenes at the NGV to see how scientists are revealing hidden secrets behind acclaimed artwork. Plus we revisit what genomicist Professor Vanessa Hayes discovered about the origins of modern society.

Season 17, Episode 14 (Exercise And Cancer)

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Catalyst meets a group of cancer patients who are experiencing extraordinary benefits from prescribed targeted exercise programs.

Season 17, Episode 11 (Blind Leading The Blind / Bionic Bra)

3.0 3 x
Researchers are getting a clearer picture on the way the brain turns sounds into images, redefining our understanding of vision. Plus, the "Bionic Bra" - providing the right amount of breast support as needed.

Season 17, Episode 9 (Motorcycle Clothes / Gravitational Waves)

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A new kind of telescope will allow us to observe a whole host of astronomical phenomena, like gravitational waves. Plus how protective is safety motorcycle gear anyway? Mark Horstman lays his body on the line.

Season 17, Episode 29 (Gene Editing / Is There Life On Mars?)

3.0 2 x
Graham Phillips goes into the desert on a meteorite hunt to investigate the question: is there life on Mars? Plus the powerful gene-editing technique CRISPR that is transforming the field of genetics.

Season 17, Episode 1 (Battery Powered Homes)

4.0 2 x
Dr Jonica Newby investigates home batteries - how they work, why you will want one, how they will change the way we consume electricity & what they mean for the future of the world's power generation.
February 2020

Season 17, Episode 18 (Oldest Aussie Beer / Unboiling An Egg)

3.0 1 x
Could bottles salvaged from a 220 year old Tasmanian ship wreck contain the remnants of the world's oldest beer? Plus 'unboiling an egg' technology leads to new discoveries in renewable energy. #ABCcatalyst

Season 17, Episode 27

3.0 4 x
Catalyst looks at the game-changing new Australian device that aims to help the paralysed walk again. Plus virtual reality takes scientists and patients on a unique interactive journey inside the human body. #ABCcatalyst

Season 17, Episode 36 (Plain Of Jars / Tiny Satellites)

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South East Asia's Plain of Jars is an archaeological enigma. Who carved these megalithic stone jars & what were they used for? Plus Space is being invaded by a new breed of cheap satellites, smaller than a loaf of bread.