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Couples Therapy New Zealand

Amanda Cox takes stock on how far the couples have come in their relationships. Will they leave couples therapy with new hope in their hearts, or will some decide it's time?

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Season 1
Johann reveals how he deals with pressure and why Tino may feel shut out. Zeta wonders if she can keep trying with Quentin and Amanda mediates Mary and Paul's miscommunication.
Parrish tells Amanda Cox he wants to prove that he can be the partner Emma needs. Taryn struggles to understand why Stephen keeps secrets from her and Stephen reveals why.
Amanda uncovers what could be contributing to Zeta and Quentin's trust issues. Emma reveals how her teenage years shaped how she deals with her relationship issues with Parrish.
Recently reunited Zeta and Quentin meet Amanda as they struggle to reconnect. Tayrn and Stephen are conflicted over parenting. Mary feels she's begging for Paul's attention.
Taryn opens about her health and Stephen struggles with it. Johann and Tino want things to go back to how they were. But can Johann let his walls down to allow romance to return?
Mary and Paul argue about everyday issues, and Mary reveals a childhood experience. Tino and Johann, Taryn and Stephen return and Emma wonders if her marriage can be saved.
Taryn needs reassurance from husband Stephen, young mum Tino opens up about needing to feel loved by Johan, and Stephen reveals a traumatic childhood to Amanda.
Emma and Parrish tell Amanda Cox they feel more like flatmates than lovers, after 20 years Taryn and Stephen aren't communicating, and Tino and Johann struggle with approval.
Psychotherapist Amanda Cox meets 5 brave Kiwi couples in counselling sessions, usually conducted behind closed doors. Can they find a solution to their relationship struggles?