Donna Hay Everyday Fresh

Donna Hay Everyday Fresh catch up

June 2023


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In this episode, Donna is making one of her favourite recipes, it’s a light ricotta and kale gnocchi baked in a tomato and balsamic sauce. Cooked all in one pan, it’s sure to become your new go-to dish full of green goodness. So simple and so yum. She’ll also be cooking her cauliflower rice bowl with crispy chilli eggs - a...


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Donna prepares a brown rice nasi goreng omelette - a super-flavoured weeknight dinner made all in one pan. She also shares her up-flavoured version of bolognese with the spicy kick of chorizo and all the deliciousness of golden cauliflower in a rich tomato sauce.


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Join Donna Hay as she shows you how to create smarter, faster, super-yum meals using everyday ingredients and making them shine. For Donna, there is nothing better than a recipe that makes you feel great, is extra delicious, nutrionally upscaled and helps bring a little balance to your life.


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Donna prepares one of her favourite pan recipes, sticky miso chicken roasted on sesame pumpkin, followed by the most amazingly crunchy, cheesy super-green Reuben sandwich. Also on the menu is a simple but impressive almond tart topped with sticky maple pears, and an oat and coconut chocolate cookie sandwich.