Gardening Australia


Season 29, Episode 18

3.0 11 x
Tino Carnevale meets friends who met via a garden program, Costa Georgiadis builds a frog bog at a preschool, Sophie Thomson meets volunteers who have replanted a woodland and Jerry Coleby-Williams looks at volunteer plants.

Season 29, Episode 17

3.0 10 x
In our Stargazing special, Jerry Coleby-Williams explores what's happening in his garden at night; Millie Ross builds a box to welcome microbats; and Josh Byrne builds some covers to keep cats off his vegie patch at night.

Season 29, Episode 16

3.0 17 x
Costa visits a high flier who has restored a garden in her down time; Tino Carnevale explores different types of garlic; Jane Edmanson plants three hanging baskets and guest presenter Paul West makes apple pancakes.

Season 29, Episode 15

4.0 12 x
Sophie Thomson explores the origins of Adelaide's free food carts; Costa Georgiadis meets fresh food fan Dr Sandro Demaio from ABC's Ask The Doctor, and Josh Byrne visits the Perth garden of author Deryn Thorpe.

Season 29, Episode 14

4.0 4 x
Jerry Coleby-Williams explores a wildlife corridor, Jane Edmanson meets a dahlia fancier, Costa Georgiadis visit the Blue Mountains, and guest presenter Paul West cooks up a pumpkin treat.

Season 29, Episode 13

3.0 6 x
Tino Carnevale helps build a veterans' garden; Jane Edmanson discovers the commemorative power of poppies; Costa Georgiadis gets cooking with chef Ben Shewry; and Sophie Thomson sees a pool transformed to a pond.

Season 27, Episode 25

3.0 6 x
Tino demonstrates easy grafting techniques; John explores a natural playground; Josh gives indoor plants TLC; and Costa visits a community rooftop garden. #ABCgardening

Season 29, Episode 12

4.0 16 x
Jane Edmanson visits a home full of indoor plants; Costa Georgiadis finds a roof garden on a block of flats; Sophie Thomson builds a wicking bed; Tino Carnevale discovers Antarctic gardening; and Millie Ross grows a seat.

Season 27, Episode 24

3.0 1 x
Tino maintains his lawn; John meets a South African garden designer; Costa prunes camellias; Josh visits a large Perth hills garden; and Sophie profiles aloes.

Season 29, Episode 11

4.0 15 x
Tino Carnevale shares his family's passata-making tips; Millie Ross plants a cubby; Jane Edmanson meet young people whose lives have been changed by gardening and we explore the garden roles of bugs, guinea pigs and chooks.