Gardening Australia

November 2017

Season 28, Episode 36

3.0 16 x
Costa restores the herb maze on his verge garden; Sophie visits a beautiful Mediterranean garden perfectly suited to the local climate; Jerry propagates plants & Tino gives his best tips for growing tomatoes. (Final for 2017)
October 2017

Season 28, Episode 35

3.0 12 x
Costa meets an urban bee keeper; Jerry visits an aquatic plant nursery; Jane visits a garden designer in her eclectic garden, we meet a market gardener who loves his work and the presenters answer your questions.

Season 28, Episode 34

4.0 5 x
Sophie and Costa help restore a piece of the NT; Josh visits a playground that was built in harmony with existing trees; Tino is visiting a spectacular rhododendron garden and Millie propagates plants from her kitchen.

Season 28, Episode 33

3.0 13 x
Costa visits an aged-care facility where chooks improve the well-being of residents; Jerry visits a spectacular garden where flowers even bloom in the shade; Sophie explores a native botanic garden for threatened species.

Season 28, Episode 32

4.0 10 x
Jane visits a gardening club that works with the local primary school; Jerry explores the wonderful world of euphorbias; Millie finds out how to raise the perfect seedling and we meet a nurseryman who restores wetlands.
September 2017

Season 28, Episode 31

3.0 8 x
Costa discovers a city oasis; Jane visits a spectacular garden in a harsh climate; Tino is planting natives in The Patch and Sophie visits a gardener raising endangered species in his back garden.

Season 28, Episode 30

3.0 15 x
Jane visits Australia's newest plant quarantine facility; Costa builds a home for his worms; Millie plants up her side garden; and we meet a couple who have dedicated their lives to Australia's native plants.

Season 28, Episode 29

4.0 15 x
Josh shows us a tool to help gardeners identify pests; Sophie visits a couple who have thousands of roses in their beautiful collection; and Jane explores the world of native bonsai and shows you how to create one at home.

Season 28, Episode 28

3.0 16 x
Jerry visits a formal native garden in Toowoomba; Costa & Sophie are at a community garden in Darwin; guest presenter Carolyn explains the importance of plants in design, and Josh helps Millie with a project in her garden.

Season 28, Episode 27

3.0 20 x
Costa explores the power of the flower; Jane discovers a collector's garden; Sophie explores a garden bursting with spring bulbs; Tino gets stuck into spring sowing and we find out what to do in the garden this weekend.