Gardening Australia

June 2017

Season 28, Episode 16

4.0 13 x
Jerry visits a PNG inspired garden; Jane meets a young couple with the gardening bug; Costa protects some plants with wildlife friendly netting; and a plant collector shows us some of his favourites. #ABCgardening

Season 28, Episode 15

3.0 18 x
Costa tries some tasty flowers; guest presenter Indira visits a rooftop hospital garden; John shares some tips for small gardens; Sophie makes a cute planter from a gourd; and Peter Cundall celebrates his 90th birthday.

Season 28, Episode 14

4.0 18 x
Jane explores a protea collection; Tino looks at trees with beautiful bark; Millie gets stuck into some winter jobs; Costa visits a Bondi garden verge; and we learn why flies are so important in the garden.
May 2017

Season 28, Episode 13

4.0 9 x
Jerry gives tips on picking a palm; Josh shows how to make the most of tight garden spaces; Costa visits a stunning Canberra garden; Sophie gives some horticultural haircuts and Tino grows a green manure crop.

Season 28, Episode 12

4.0 13 x
Millie shows how renters can quickly grow an established garden; John visits a garden with striking formal design; Indira explores a constructed wetland in Sydney; and Costa visits a community compost group.

Season 28, Episode 11

4.0 12 x
Josh meets some volunteer gardeners who help the elderly; Tino makes a chilli pesticide; Costa explores native plants that are edible; Jerry Coleby-Williams talks about how his life revolves around plants.

Season 28, Episode 10

3.0 26 x
Indira checks out an urban green wall garden; Costa explores the vibrant native plants of Mt Penang; Tino uses leftover garden waste to create hot compost & John visits an elegant garden filled with pockets of green spaces.
April 2017

Season 28, Episode 9

3.0 20 x
Sophie visits an historic garden property in the Adelaide Hills, Costa and Jane help build a garden that is accessible to everyone, Angus explores Sydney's Barangaroo reserve, and Millie makes a cubby out of plants.

Season 28, Episode 8

3.0 25 x
Costa explores the gardens of Parliament House; Sophie visits a stunning garden in the Coonawarra region; Tino plants autumn root vegetables; guest presenter Indira Naidoo sees a carpark transform into a botanical paradise.

Islands Special

4.0 17 x
In the Tiwi Islands, Costa visits the Jilimara Arts Centre, learn how locals grow produce at the Milikapiti Farm & learn how Tiwi junior rangers manage the land. In Tasmania, Tino explores underwater Kelp forests.
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