Gardening Australia

August 2020

Season 27, Episode 35

3.0 3 x
John visits a city garden; Sophie shows how to create a tropically inspired garden in a temperate climate; Tino explores a romantic garden; Costa shows off a succulent collection & Angus looks at native mints. #ABCgardening

Season 27, Episode 34

4.0 2 x
Tino demonstrates ancient gardening techniques; Josh visits a property restored with indigenous flora; Costa pops in to the Sydney TAFE garden & we explore a fascinating museum at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. #ABCgardening

Season 27, Episode 33

3.0 2 x
Jane learns about temperate orchids; Costa makes a compost spinner; Jerry explores a garden with old-fashioned favourites and Angus checks out a native plant breeding program. #ABCgardening
June 2020

Season 31, Episode 21

3.0 29 x
Costa Georgiadis joins a crew conserving coastal dunes, Jane Edmanson explores a native suburban garden, Sophie Thomson propagates wisteria vines and Josh Byrne explores water wise palms.

Season 30, Episode 21

3.0 20 x
Sophie Thomson visits an exotic sunken garden, Jerry-Coleby Williams checks out Queensland's biggest bromeliad show, Costa Georgiadis visits a citrus orchard and Jane Edmanson visits a farm helping to feed new migrants.

Season 27, Episode 10

3.0 9 x
Tino plants winter legumes; Angus explores a colourful Sydney garden; Costa overhauls a vegetable garden and Sophie plants spring-flowering bulbs. #ABCgardening

Season 30, Episode 20

3.0 6 x
Sophie Thomson goes behind the scenes at a rose farm, Jane Edmanson rejuvenates potted plants, Costa Georgiadis visits a plant loving couple and we meet a landscape architect behind some of Australia's most iconic gardens.

Season 27, Episode 9

3.0 3 x
Costa explores a large Queensland hillside garden; Sophie demonstrates three easy soil tests; John explores a historical, scientific garden and Jerry profiles unique edible perennials. #ABCgardening

Season 30, Episode 19

3.0 12 x
Sophie Thomson meets a caper cultivator, Costa Georgiadis learns about a composting critter, Guest Presenter Hannah Maloney helps a young couple blitz their backyard and Tino Carnevale visits a 'sub-tropical' Hobart garden.

Season 31, Episode 20

4.5 30 x
Sophie Thomson visits a protea flower farm, Jerry Colby-Williams gets tips from an expert orchid grower, Jane Edmanson tackles citrus gall wasp and Costa Georgiadis sees how growing food brings people together.