Gardening Australia


Season 29, Episode 42

3.0 3 x
In the final episode for 2018 Costa visits garden designer Paul Bangay; Sophie Thomson meets school kitchen gardener Stephanie Alexander, Jane Edmanson checks out kentia palms, and Millie Ross starts a vegie bed from scratch.

Season 29, Episode 40

3.0 8 x
We meet Invictus Games rider Peter Rudland, who finds therapy in bonsai; Jane Edmanson visits an iris show, Millie Ross has tips on picking the best seedlings and Jerry Coleby-Williams suggests some unusual perfumed plants.

Season 28, Episode 34

4.0 3 x
Sophie and Costa help restore a piece of the NT; Josh visits a playground that was built in harmony with existing trees; Tino is visiting a spectacular rhododendron garden and Millie propagates plants from her kitchen.

Season 28, Episode 33

3.0 0 x
Costa visits an aged-care facility where chooks improve the well-being of residents; Jerry visits a spectacular garden where flowers even bloom in the shade; Sophie explores a native botanic garden for threatened species.

Season 28, Episode 4

4.0 1 x
Jane explores a house filled with hundreds of indoor plants; Angus visits the stunning garden of late journalist Richard Carleton; Millie shows us how to grow a leafy lounge; Costa splits a native beehive at his old school.

Season 29, Episode 39

4.0 6 x
Sophie Thomson meets the outback growers bringing native bush foods to the nation, Tino Carnevale shows different ways to prune cherry trees, and Jane Edmanson cooks vegetable dumplings with gardening chef Angie Chong.

Season 28, Episode 32

4.0 0 x
Jane visits a gardening club that works with the local primary school; Jerry explores the wonderful world of euphorbias; Millie finds out how to raise the perfect seedling and we meet a nurseryman who restores wetlands.

Season 28, Episode 31

3.0 1 x
Costa discovers a city oasis; Jane visits a spectacular garden in a harsh climate; Tino is planting natives in The Patch and Sophie visits a gardener raising endangered species in his back garden.

Season 28, Episode 30

3.0 1 x
Jane visits Australia's newest plant quarantine facility; Costa builds a home for his worms; Millie plants up her side garden; and we meet a couple who have dedicated their lives to Australia's native plants.

Season 28, Episode 29

4.0 0 x
Josh shows us a tool to help gardeners identify pests; Sophie visits a couple who have thousands of roses in their beautiful collection; and Jane explores the world of native bonsai and shows you how to create one at home.