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Season 27, Episode 33 28:00

Season 27, Episode 33

3.0 7 x
Jane learns about temperate orchids; Costa makes a compost spinner; Jerry explores a garden with old-fashioned favourites and Angus checks out a native plant breeding program. #ABCgardening
Season 27, Episode 32 28:00

Season 27, Episode 32

3.0 9 x
Josh explores an inspiring bush-style garden; Tino plants spring greens; Jane demonstrates planting seed; Costa checks out colourful spring plants; and we visit a landscape designer's suburban oasis. #ABCgardening
Season 27, Episode 31 29:00

Season 27, Episode 31

4.0 16 x
Tino demonstrates layering; Sophie explores a garden inspired by world travels; Angus sees just what can be achieved in a garden in two years; and John visits a geological garden. #ABCgardening
Season 27, Episode 30 29:00

Season 27, Episode 30

3.0 12 x
Costa visits a romantic public garden; Tino plants the humble spud; Jerry explores a plant collector's garden; Jane talks camellia hedges; and Josh discovers how coffee can grow mushrooms. #ABCgardening
Season 27, Episode 29 29:00

Season 27, Episode 29

3.0 15 x
Josh explores a Margaret River property; John creates a native pot garden; Costa visits an inner-city garden; Sophie plants in garden bed gaps; we meet a botanical sculptor; Jerry profiles an unusual plant. #ABCgardening
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