Gardening Australia

Season 33

Season 33, Episode 14

3.0 3 x
Costa Georgiadis goes behind the scenes at Ballarat's Begonia Festival, Jane Edmanson visits radio host Zan Rowe, Tino Carnevale shows how to test soil pH, and Millie Ross meets a gardener growing lots of exotic edibles.

Season 33, Episode 13

4.0 4 x
Costa visits an apartment dweller whose new garden hobby is growing, Clarence explores a botanic garden run by volunteers, Jerry meets scientists hunting hardy wild taro, and Millie suggests natives for tough garden spots.

Season 33, Episode 12

3.0 4 x
Costa Georgiadis and Millie Ross team up to build a chook run, Jerry Coleby-Williams celebrates the colourful world of bougainvilleas, Josh Byrne explores a lush fern garden in Perth's dry suburbs, and we meet a vegan chef.

Season 33, Episode 11

4.0 9 x
Jerry Coleby-Williams explores Cairns Botanic Gardens, Millie Ross shows how to harness the growing power of smoke, Jane Edmanson visits a tiny but terrific courtyard, and Costa Georgiadis holds a masterclass on worms.

Season 33, Episode 10

3.0 17 x
Jane Edmanson explores the flora of Lord Howe Island, Josh Byrne meets a young beekeeper, Millie Ross makes a seedling tray, Costa Georgiadis gets a taste for green ants in Kakadu, and Hannah Moloney introduces her goats.

Season 33, Episode 9

4.0 6 x
Costa Georgiadis meets a young gardener who finds inspiration online, Jerry Coleby-Williams discovers a plant treasure trove, Sophie Thomson visits cooking legend Maggie Beer and Jane Edmanson enjoys some autumn colour.

Season 33, Episode 8

3.0 7 x
Costa Georgiadis finds a bushland roof garden in inner-city Sydney, Sophie Thomson explores the world of pollen, Jane Edmanson enjoys a South African plant collection, and Josh Byrne prepares his garden for guests.

Season 33, Episode 7

4.0 6 x
Costa Georgiadis meets an inspiring teenaged gardener, Millie Ross explores a garden designed for wildlife, Jane Edmanson shows how to prepare for winter and Jerry Coleby-Williams meets a couple of young plant collectors.

Season 33, Episode 6

4.0 18 x
Costa Georgiadis explores Sydney's edible garden trail, Josh Byrne unpacks some native plant myths, Hannah Moloney shows how to plan a productive patch, and Clarence Slockee creates a seating circle.

Season 33, Episode 5

4.0 19 x
Costa Georgiadis visits an inner-city extravaganza, Millie Ross propagates plants, Sophie Thomson adds wildlife-friendly plants to her garden, and Jerry Coleby-Williams reveals the subtle signs of autumn in the subtropics.