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GG: Spawn Squad

The stakes are high when Dom and Harry battle it out in Dragon Ball Fighterz because the winner will make their opponent draw from the n00b cup.

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Season 2
Kleon puts Gem's Mario Kart skills to the test. Who will come away the Spawn Squad champion?
Mr A Game and Sueann try to teach Harry how to build, battle, and shield surf in Tears of the Kingdom. And Mr A Game takes on one of the toughest bosses ever!
Fall Guys Pro Austin ups the stakes with Gem when he challenges her to come as close to last in every stage. Will they come away with the crown?
Can Dom or Gem make an unbeatable car in Lego 2k Drive? And what could they build if they work together?
Sueann and Gem are acting like silly little geese in Untitled Goose Game. But is one of them acting up on purpose?
Pokemon Master Kleon shares his top tips and strategies to help Harry become a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Master.
Valentina and Gem go head-to-head to out-scavenge and out-build each other in Minecraft. But one of them loves TNT...
Prezley, Maddie, and Gem take on some of Super Mario Bros. Wonder's toughest levels. Are they up to the challenge?
Season 1
Squad member Eva returns to put her brain power to the test in Big Brain Academy on the Switch. Can Gem's brain compete?!
Gem is joined by Dominic in the den of gaming for some tips on how to use weapons in Rift Apart and defeat the final boss.