Ginger And The Vegesaurs

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Ginger And The Vegesaurs

Ginger and the baby Pea-Rexes search for honeysuckles, leaving behind a trail of berries to help find their way back. But when Wasabi eats the trail, they're stranded in the dark!

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Season 1
After narrowly escaping a pod of hungry Pea-Rexes, Ginger discovers some unexpected guests hiding in her tail - three baby Pea Rexes, Minty, Wasabi and Split.
Season 2
When one of the Baby Pea-Rexes gets the hiccups, Ginger and the other two try all manner of cures to get rid of them.
When a young Watermelonsuchus gets beached during a heatwave, Ginger and the Baby Pea Rexes have to get creative to work out a way to get the giant baby into the water.
Ginger and the baby Pea-Rexes guide a young Strawberrisaurus to find the courage to perform a special friendship dance that will help them find a lifelong playmate.
Season 1
Fossilised honeysuckle is extremely yummy and extremely difficult to crack open. Ginger and the baby Pea-rexes must use all their clever thinking to open their prized meal.
The volcano is active which means the baby Pea-Rexes get to play Pea Shooter. Ginger manages to find her own way to join in.
It's the great 'Sunday Roast', the day when the Potatodons' hides are extra hot, crispy and delicious!
Ginger and the baby Pea-Rexes discover a new game - Pea-Rex Pinball! It's all fun and games until they suddenly find themselves cornered by a horde of super irritated Vegesaurs.
Ginger teaches the baby Pea-Rexes a new survival skill through a game of hide and seek but things get out of hand when Split goes missing!
Minty tries to fly and is mistaken for a Baby Bokchoydacty by its mother who takes Minty back to their nest. Ginger needs a rescue plan and fast!
Ginger can't get a wink of sleep when the baby Pea-Rexes start snoring loudly. But the real problems begin when they start sleepwalking...right into harm's way!
Ginger's baby Broccolisaurus friend kicks their ball into Potatodon territory. Now they have challenge the the Potatodons to a game to win it back.
Ginger encounters an injured Mamma Pea-Rex who quickly befriends the baby Pea-Rexes. Ginger goes off to play alone and lands herself in trouble but is rescued by some unexpected friends.
When Ginger gets a nasty tummy ache, the Pea-Rexes have to find a special soothing herb which unfortunately is in the middle of Bananaraptor island!
It's so cold in the Valley that the Pea-Rexes risk becoming frozen! Ginger needs to keep them warm and skating around the frozen lake might just help!
Ginger joins the baby Pea-Rexes on their expedition to find dinner and ends up eating something too hot to handle which alerts the Bananaraptors!
The baby Pea-Rexes love to slide down the necks of giant Broccolisaurus, except for Split who is terrified and has to learn to overcome his fears.
Wasabi cracks his tooth on a Lava Nut so Ginger comes up with some creative but unsuccessful ways to extract it, until Wasabi accidentally solves his own problem.
Ginger and the baby Pea-Rexes must teach a lost baby BokChoydactyl how to fly so it can return to it's parents. Unfortunately baby Bokchoydactyls are terrible flyers.