Gold Rush: Parker's Trail

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Gold Rush: Parker's Trail

Parker dives for gold in shark-infested waters, explores a billion-dollar hard rock mine and reveals his final Alaska wash plant design.

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Season 5
Parker checks out a wash plant on tracks and considers a major pivot: building his own custom plant for the Alaska claim.
Parker pivots to test a shaker deck, but his inability to pull the trigger leads him to question the viability of his new Alaska operation.
Parker investigates a bucket dredge that's banked over $700 million and discovers his version of paradise: a gold-rich claim with every type of plant needed to strike it rich.
Parker jumps at an unexpected offer for a new claim and prospects Matt Dove's virgin ground in New Zealand's gold-rich Southern Alps.
Parker sizes up a high-tech gold-catching machine capable of floating on water. A sudden storm threatens to trap the team on a New Zealand glacier.
Parker and team venture off-grid to track down a legendary miner known as The Gambler on the gold-rich west coast of New Zealand.
Parker begins booting up his new gold mining operation in Alaska. When he can't find a wash plant in the snow-covered north, he gambles on a last minute trip to New Zealand.