Grand Designs Revisited

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Strathaven Revisit

4.0 79 x
Kevin McCloud returns to Strathaven, Scotland to meet flying Instructor Colin MacKinnon and his partner, hovercraft instructor and trapeze enthusiast Marta Briongos at their now completed metal sculptural home on an airfield.
Episodes 2014

Series 11 Episode 2 WoodBridge

Expired 3.0 319 x
Kevin McCloud returns to WoodBridge to find out just how life has moved on for Lucie and her new home.

Series 11 Episode 1 Malaga Revisit

Expired 4.0 313 x
Kevin returns to visit Hillary in Malaga and to learn whether their building has settled into its landscape, whether it's still multi-coloured and to find out how life is for her living up in the Andalucian hills.

Series 10 Episode 4 Brighton Co-Op

3.0 460 x
In series 1, Kevin visited a co-op of ten families building their own homes on the edge of Brighton. Now, 12 years later, Kevin returns to see if the houses and the families have stood the test of time. #GrandDesigns

Series 10 Episode 3 Braintree

3.0 320 x
Kevin revisits a couple who converted a grade two-listed 16th century barn into the biggest two bedroom house in Europe! #GrandDesigns

Series 10 Episode 2 Kensington

4.0 250 x
Kevin returns to Kensington to find out if a couple's fantasy fun family home is everything they dreamed it would be and if they've made peace with their neighbours. #GrandDesigns

Series 10 Episode 1 Isle Of Wight

3.0 160 x
Kevin revisits a couple on the Isle of Wight who turned an ugly duckling 1970s bungalow into a beautiful contemporary family home. #GrandDesigns

Series 9 Episode 5 Headcorn

3.0 182 x
With no previous experience, Mimi da Costa took on the role of project manager and gave herself a deadline of just 16 weeks to complete an ambitious, minimalist eco build house in the Kent countryside for her and her family.

Series 9 Episode 4 West Cumbria

2.0 214 x
Kevin McCloud catches up with blacksmith and metalworker Alan Dawson to see if the prefabricated steel house he spent 22 years developing is as durable as it seemed and if it saved his recession-hit steel business.

Series 9 Episode 3 Ashford

3.0 148 x
Kevin McCloud visits a couple in Ashford who transformed an ugly brute of a water tower into an avant-garde contemporary home.