Season 3, Episode 5

3.0 9 x
Seeking answers for Mrs Maguire, Sidney finds himself in an isolated community with his dog collar missing, plagued with self-doubt & only his wits to keep him alive. Will Geordie track him down in time?

Season 3, Episode 4

4.0 4 x
The annual police ball is fast approaching, and events threaten to come to a head as the personal lives of Geordie, Leonard, Mrs Maguire and Sidney himself all start to unravel.

Season 3, Episode 3

4.0 8 x
When Leonard is caught in a hold up at the post office, the shy curate becomes the centre of attention. As Geordie investigates the armed robbers Sidney is drawn to the woman trapped in a suburban life she longs to escape.

Season 3, Episode 2

4.0 15 x
The town comes together for a cricket match, but a clash between the captain & a new Pakistani batsman bring tensions to the surface. Sidney realises his own secrets may not be as safe as he had hoped. (Fast-tracked)

Season 3, Episode 1

3.0 22 x
Grantchester's new Archdeacon reminds Sidney that as clergyman he must put duty above his own needs & lead by example. Given the strength of his feelings for Amanda is this something that Sidney can do? (Fast-tracked)

Christmas Special

3.0 12 x
Amanda is adjusting to life having left her husband. The love between Sidney & Amanda is palpable, but can a vicar in the 1950's be romantically involved with a married, pregnant woman? (Season 3 premieres 8.30 Next Sunday)

Season 1, Episode 5

4.0 14 x
In the double episode season one finale, Amanda & Guy's impending wedding throws Sidney into crisis - is he truly cut out for life as the vicar of Grantchester?

Season 1, Episode 4

4.0 16 x
When a personal tragedy threatens to overwhelm Geordie, his relationship with Sidney is pushed to the limit - will they be able to put their differences aside to help catch a killer?

Season 1, Episode 3

4.0 15 x
After the death of two elderly sisters, Sidney and Geordie try to track down a man on the run. Will they be able to catch the killer before he strikes again?

Season 1, Episode 2

3.0 16 x
When Amanda's engagement ring is stolen on the same night a murder is committed, Sidney & Geordie investigate whether there might be a connection between the two crimes.
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