Holly Hobbie

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Season 2
Holly discovers unfair work practices by a major brand and seeks justice.
Holly catches the director bullying Savannah and sets out to reveal the truth about him.
After Holly discovers a double standard, she joins Amy and Piper in an all-girl protest.
Piper's mum got a job in New Mexico, but Piper's determined to stay in Collinsville.
Holly, Amy and Piper sneak out to attend a music showcase in Sheffield.
Season 3
Piper helps Holly boost her social media presence with a new publicity campaign, but Holly uncovers that her fame comes at a cost.
Holly finds herself torn between her relationship with Oscar and her school work, when she must pass an upcoming assignment to avoid summer school.
Season 2
Holly's excitement to perform her new song at The Calico is disrupted by a boycott.
Holly just wants to stay home with her misery, but Mum has other plans.
Holly gets even with an online troll after they criticise her new song.
Holly risks losing her lead part when she struggles to perform during rehearsals.
After a mortifying audition, Holly sets out to change the director's mind about her.
Season 3
When her parents get into a car accident, Holly decides to throw an open mic fundraiser to help out with Dad's medical bills.
Season 1
Holly takes drastic action when she learns that Piper and her mum have to move away.
While volunteering to paint a mural for the Bicentennial, Holly tries to make Amy jealous.
Holly tries to escape her family and friend drama by running away to Chicago with Tyler.
Friendships are tested when Holly and Piper both plan birthday parties on the same day.
Holly, Amy and Piper discover that the local pickle factory is polluting the nearby creek.
As punishment for lying about the cucumber, Holly and Robbie have to build a chicken coop.
Worried that she might not win the Pickle Pageant, Holly struggles to be true to herself.