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Love Monster

Love Monster creates a dance for Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny's birthday but gets nervous

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Season 2
Love Monster has to rescue Monster Teddy when he falls from a ski lift on Mount Fluffaroo
Love Monster has planned the perfect dinner for his friends but things start to go wrong
Love Monster trades in his old scooter for a shiny new one, but soon misses it
Love Monster looks after a baby koala and finds it hard work
Love Monster wants to do everything on Party All Day Day but starts to feel tired
Bad Idea Puppy mishears that Take My Time Tortoise is moving and spreads the false news
Bad Idea Puppy mishears that Take My Time Tortoise is moving and spreads the false news
Love Monster has a clear out for a bring-and-swap event but can't let his old things go
Love Monster crafts a special toy plane for himself but is worried about sharing it
Love Monster and his friends redecorate Elder Kitten's living room but not in his style
Love Monster is frustrated when he can't get to sleep on Siesta Fiesta Day
Love Monster searches for the magic sparkle dust at the end of the rainbow.
Love Monster feigns illness but the fibbing makes him feel ill for real.
Love Monster thinks he sees a Danger Noodle in the water on Splash About Day.
Love Monster goes camping with Delivery Duckling but things keep going wrong for him.
Love Monster and Bad Idea Puppy get locked in his bathroom.
Love Monster and Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny take a trip out of Fluffytown in the carrot car
Love Monster is jealous of the attention Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny gets at a sports event
Eager Beaver is left in charge of Fluffytown for the day and bosses everyone around