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Marvel Anime: X-Men

The source has been found, and Mastermind plans to use this to control the world. Yui reveals a shocking truth. Professor X is frantically trying to escape from his prison.

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Season 1
Emma discovers that Jun is the leader of the Inner Circle, Mastermind. The X-Men come running, but Wolverine is confused by the Mastermind and attacks Cyclops.
Mutants attack the facility. Emma spies an unfamiliar man when she is in her diamond-like state. Meanwhile, Professor X is flying to visit the X-Men, but never arrives.
The X-Men arrive at a facility run by Yui, who originally operated it as a school for Mutants. Yui contacts Professor Xavier in New York and tells him shocking news.
Doubts over Emma are put to rest. Professor X senses that there is an force that they do not understand still present in Japan. Armed with a vaccine, the X-Men return.
Professor X decides to announce Hisako and Emma as members of the X-Men. Cyclops objects to Emma becoming a member as Hisako starts her training as a member of the X-Men.
The X-Men decide to take Emma and Hisako back to the Xavier Institute for examination. During the flight back, the Blackbird is attacked by a strange bat-like creature.
The X-Men find Hisako and Emma Frost, a mutant with the power of telepathy. Cyclops claims that Emma was the principle cause of Jean's death one year earlier.
The X-Men discover more mutants have gone missing. Their investigation is hampered by the U-Men, a group of scientists who experiment on mutants.
When a young mutant goes missing in Japan, her parents ask Professor Xavier for his help. Sensing that the case is of great importance for mutantkind, he gathers his X-Men.