July 2017

Season 5, Episode 13 (The Diamond Of The Day (part 2))

3.0 48 x
And so it seems the Prophets did not lie. As the great battle rages on Camlann's mighty plain, Merlin faces his moment of destiny.

Season 5, Episode 12 (The Diamond Of The Day (part 1))

3.0 26 x
High in the mountains a great horde gathers; Morgana prepares for war with a vengeful Mordred at her side. Merlin feels the weight of his destiny like never before as the ancient prophecies play out with terrifying accuracy.

Season 5, Episode 11 (The Drawing Of The Dark)

3.0 22 x
Mordred finds himself torn between loyalty and love, but little does he realise that the path he chooses will shape Camelot's destiny...

Season 5, Episode 10 (The Kindness Of Strangers)

3.0 16 x
Morgana leads a terrifying manhunt in pursuit her old foe Alator of the Catha (Gary Lewis) for she knows without doubt that he can tell her exactly where to find Emrys. Merlin's life has never been in more danger.

Season 5, Episode 9 (With All My Heart)

3.0 25 x
Merlin risks everything to put an end to Morgana's control over Gwen.

Season 5, Episode 8 (The Hollow Queen)

3.0 22 x
As a deadly net closes in around Arthur, Merlin finds himself far from Camelot.

Season 5, Episode 7 (A Lesson In Vengeance)

3.0 19 x
King Arthur is the target of a dangerous assassin - his wife and queen, Guinevere.

Season 5, Episode 6 (The Dark Tower)

3.0 45 x
Morgana uses Gwen to lure Arthur into a deadly trap.

Season 5, Episode 5 (The Disir)

3.0 10 x
When Arthur angers the ancient Disir, Merlin must make the hardest decision of his life.

Season 4, Episode 13 (The Sword In The Stone (part 2))

3.0 29 x
Morgana and Helios have successfully captured Camelot, and Merlin and Arthur are outlaws on the run. Trapped in Ealdor with a ruthless army closing in, their situation becomes desperate.