Murder Chose Me

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Murder Chose Me

A community is left shaken when a nameless corpse is found steps away from a local mosque. Detective Rod Demery must untangle a web of lies and misdirection to solve the case.

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Season 3
Two law-abiding teens are murdered in a brazen and cowardly attack. To catch their killers, Detective Rod Demery must scrutinize the origins of an earlier conflict.
Detective Rod Demery is called to the scene of a deadly roadside shootout. When the smoke clears, he realizes the victim is someone he loves.
A popular teen is shot down at school, but the shooter is no student, and his motives are far more sinister than in a typical schoolyard spat.
A hard-working family man is gunned down while doing a favor for a friend. As Detective Rod Demery searches for answers, he's confronted with a name from his past.
A 911 dispatcher is found slumped behind the wheel of a sedan with a bullet through his torso. To catch the killer, Detective Rod Demery must untangle a web of accusations.
The execution of a couple sends shock waves of fear through a quiet community. Clues are scarce until Detective Rod Demery uncovers a cache of threatening text messages.
A beloved family man is fatally injured in a mysterious accident. Detective Demery is called upon to reopen the investigation and discovers a conspiracy between two accomplices.
The lifeless body of an elderly veteran is found on the floor of his own home. All signs point to death by natural causes until Detective Rod Demery finds a series of clues.
A mother is shot with a high-caliber rifle just steps from her front door. To catch the killer, Detective Demery must first win the trust of a family wary of the system.