September 2017

Season 4, Episode 22 (Octonauts And The Tiger Shark)

3.0 4 x
Tweak must help her friend Sandy the sea turtle escape a hungry tiger shark.

Season 4, Episode 21 (Octonauts And The Emperor Penguins)

3.0 5 x
The Octonauts journey across a dangerous expanse of ice to help a penguin mother get back to her family.

Season 4, Episode 20 (Octonauts And The Coelacanth)

3.9 2 x
While exploring a dark and spooky cave, the Octonauts discover the fossil of a powerful, prehistoric fish... but it may be more than just a fossil.

Season 4, Episode 19 (Octonauts And The Spinner Dolphins)

3.0 6 x
The Octonauts struggle to save a pod of spinner dolphins who seem to be swimming in their sleep.

Season 4, Episode 18 (Octonauts And The Loneliest Whale)

3.0 2 x
The Octonauts follow a strange song to a lonely humpback whale, who is alone because he doesn't sound like the other whales!

Season 4, Episode 17 (Octonauts And The Yellow-bellied Sea Snakes)

3.8 2 x
When a mass of poisonous sea snakes get stranded on a beach, Peso and the Octonauts must somehow get them all back into the ocean.

Season 4, Episode 16 (Octonauts And The Hippos)

4.0 6 x
Returning home from a mission along an African river, the Octonauts have trouble getting past a gang of large, territorial hippos.

Season 4, Episode 15 (Octonauts And The Kelp Monster Mystery)

2.8 1 x
Dashi teams up with her little sister, Koshi, to solve a mysterious disappearance in a kelp forest.

Season 4, Episode 14 (Octonauts And Operation Cooperation)

3.0 2 x
After Shellington crashes the Gup-D, he and Kwazii team up with a moray eel and grouper fish to pick up the pieces.

Season 4, Episode 23 (Octonauts And The Coconut Crisis)

3.0 7 x
Kwazii and the Octonauts help their friends the coconut crabs discover who is stealing their coconuts.