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This episode looks at three cities that are not Amsterdam! Groningen, Leeuwarden and The Hague have at least two things in common: cheese and bicycles everywhere! We take a look at a few art museums in these well-established Dutch cities, all set in autumn weather colours.

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Season 2
We take a look at three dude ranches in Arizona, where you can relax and ride a horse that's perfect for you and your experience level. Wine and cheese out in the desert? Check. Sunrise breakfast ride? On the menu! Ride in historical places like Tombstone and feel just like those who settled the wild wild west.
Most vacation seekers have discovered Los Cabos, but those who took the drive just slightly north stumbled happily on La Paz, another paradise on the Sea of Cortes. With 30 percent of the world's sea mammals all present, this is a diver's sublime haven.
Famous more these days as the birthplace of longsuffering Melania, Slovenia is one of the as-of-yet unsung havens where one can be transported into travel's simpler times. Good prices, down-home cooking and living traditions, proximity of Italy and Croatia, not to mention a capital city (Ljubljana) that is charmingly walka...
Many travellers have happily discovered Lisbon and the Algarve, and Portuguese wines have taken their place amongst the best in the world. We head to Lisbon, and southeast to the region of Alentejo. Which is now finding its place on the map, both for tourism and a burgeoning wine industry.
Mountain towns are a breath of fresh air, whether at their seasonal peak or at other times of year when their natural beauty shines through. Sun Valley, Idaho and Big Bear, California are picture-perfect template towns for successful mountaineering, whether on foot, skiis or bicycle!
Formerly within the Soviet Union, this tourist destination is hot on the list of must-see locales for people who think they've seen it all. Extraordinary well-maintained tiled temples conspire with friendly Uzbeks to create a vacation that is simply unforgettable.
East or West Coast? Catalina and Turks and Caicos. A look at two completely different vacation hot spots located on opposite sides of the continent.
A dwindling gold mining industry left many towns abandoned, but some have survived and continued with stories that add to history's vibrant fabric. See the remains of places where prospectors held out hope as long as they could, but also find out more about the unique fabric of a desert that has far more life than you'd ex...
Some places get known for their towers, waterfalls or skyscrapers, and others get a reputation for being centres of peace, reflection and healing. Sedona's brilliant red rock formations might have been the initial draw, but many tourists seek spiritual refreshment there, as in the carefree areas around Scottsdale, where ac...
Tijuana is currently enjoying a renaissance, attracting the attention of the New York Times, which named it No.8 out of 52 'must-see destinations.' Cruise ship passengers have had a decades-long love affair with Ensenada, and if you're wondering what makes Mexico's new wines so phenomenal, look no further than a tour to th...
From the days of the 'Summer of Love,' San Francisco might have changed, but it's still so full of soul. We visit the major highlights and discover that the local produce and wine industry has sparked new life into the old commercial fishing areas. The Golden Gate Bridge will always be its glorious symbol!
Many people choose London or Edinburgh when heading to the UK. This program looks at less discovered areas, just as full of history and modern life. We look at the Midlands region of England around Birmingham, and explore castles in the centre of Scotland, highlighting a town called Ballater, which is the one nearest the Q...
Season 1
Mexico's cultural capital of Guadalajara is the birthplace of traditions like mariachi and tequila! This surprisingly complex city is surrounded by peaceful lake Chapala, the artistic ex pat community of Ajijic and recently excavated archaeological sites.
It's Carnival time in Louisiana! And that means, food, food, costumes, music and the odd chicken run! See how Mardi Gras in New Orleans has nothin' on little Lake Charles.
A California road trip special, traveling between the two burgeoning wine districts of Temecula and Carmel, whose Mediterranean climate has sparked a tasty new industry. We squeezed in a stop to lively Hermosa Beach to check out some Beach Boys lifestyle.
Hiking author Philip Ferranti joins us to discover a few of the stellar trails in the Coachella Valley, explaining nature's gifts along the way.
Part of the Vanilla Islands in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island has been known for its spectacular active volcanoes that erupt as regularly as a red-carpet premiere. A place where you can simply pull up a chair and watch. A tall island belonging to France, its stunning waterfalls are also popular attractions among hikers. ...
Once absorbed into the Soviet Union, Georgia is open and ready for tourism. Still very much unspoiled, with a history that features wine making monks and the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, this episode also makes a stop in Warsaw, Poland.
Canyons as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon inhabit Utah, and this show visits areas often seen on road trips while visiting larger cities and monuments. It also stops in on the Salton Sea - California's largest lake, now threatened with extinction as the water evaporates. A geologist explains some of the geological format...