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Play School Art Time

This episode of Art Time is out of this world! Join Zindzi having fun recycling magazines and newspapers in the Art Time studio, using her imagination to create collages of fun worlds to display in the Art Time Gallery.

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Season 2
Get moving and making with Matt in the Art Time studio! Matt is revisiting previous episodes to repurpose his family figurines and shape jars, using these to create fun animations to bring a whole new life to his artworks.
Zindzi has so many fun and creative ideas for artworks - almost too many to remember! Join Zindzi in the Art Time studio as she sketches and scrapbooks her inspirations and ideas into an Art Ideas Book. What a great idea!
Matt is going on an adventure, but he has some laundry to do first… Join him in the Art Time studio as he creates imaginative landscapes of the jungle, desert and mountains using laundry items. Laundry has never been so fun!
Get your watercolours and imaginations ready - the sky is the limit! Zindzi is feeling inspired by the spectacular skies. Using watercolours, she paints some different colourful skies to showcase in the Art Time Gallery.
Join Matt in the Art Time studio and be introduced to some members of his family in photographs! Matt makes some fun craft characters using recycled materials to represent his family and create a family portrait.
Zindzi has been out and about collecting things from nature to include in her art. Join her in the Art Time studio as she uses natural materials like sticks and pine cones to build a colourful wall hanging inspired by nature!
In this episode of Art Time we discover fun and dynamic shapes and how to include them in art! Join Matt as he uses a Shape Jar to make interesting artworks from all kinds of shapes to go on display in the Art Time Gallery.
Season 3
It's a spotty kind of day in the Art Time Studio today. Zindzi and the Art Crew transform the studio with inspiration taken from Yuzi Kusama.
Join Emma as she makes a spectacular hanging mobile, while the Art Crew create sculptures with space all around.
Inspired by artist Andy Warhol, Zindzi and the Art Crew create pet portraits. Be on the lookout for Zindzi's pet cat, Luna.
Inspired by Australian artist Rachel Burke, Alex and the Art Crew make fabulous artworks that you can wear.
Using fluro coloured paints and oil pastels Alex and the Art Crew create artworks inspired by artist Johnny K.
In the Art Time Studio today Alex is exploring art that is big and small. The Art Crew made small houses while Alex is inspired by a big snail artwork.
Join Emma and the Art Crew as they make their very own light sculptures perfect for any bedroom.
Alex and the Art Crew are using pots, pans, and kitchen utensils to create wonderfully wacky creatures.
Join Zindzi and cake extraordinaire Katherine Sabbath as they make a paint tin out of cake. While the Art Crew get creative and decorate frozen bananas.