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The Chefs' Line

The Chef's Line is an Australian cooking contest series written for television and createdby the producers of The Voice Australia and Behave Yourself. Each episode of the show revolves around a different type of cuisine, from Mexican to British to Japanese, and much more. The concept is based on a team from a restaurant kitchen, from assistents to the head chef, taking on a group of home cooks who are specialised in the cuisine of their home country. The home cooks take on the members of the other team one by one in hierarchical order, until the home cooks that are left face the restaurant's head chef. What makes The Chef's Line different from many other cooking shows, such as My Kitchen Rules, is not only the format of the competition, but also the fact that there is no prize money to be won. Due to the multicultural approach of the show each episode is about representing a family, a culture and a heritage, which gives it a whole different and unique feel.

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