Season 14

Season 14, Episode 10

4.3 140 x
Grab some snacks, get comfy, and get ready to chuckle along with the trusted and well-respected opinions of the country's favourite couch critics

Season 14, Episode 9

4.8 198 x
Gogglebox Australia is back to surf through the week that was in TV. Peering into the loungerooms of some of the country's most opinionated and avid television viewers.

Highlights: Season 14, Episode 8

4.0 60 x
The Goggleboxers aren't holding back from sharing their real opinions about the shows of the week
Season 14

Season 14, Episode 8

4.0 81 x
Goggleboxers dish a huge mix of opinions on the week's biggest television moments. Watch as our families laugh, cry and shout freely at some of the best and worst programs on television this week.

Highlights: Season 14, Episode 7

4.0 30 x
The Goggleboxers are back for another week of dishing their honest opinions about the shows of the week
Season 14

Season 14, Episode 7

4.0 95 x
It's that time of the week! when Australia's favourite families decipher and debrief the shows they love, and loath watching. check out what television's most trusted couch critics have to say!

Season 14, Episode 6

3.0 137 x
Our Couch Critics are at it again! Join the Gogglebox families as they give you their unique opinions of the TV shows, Documentaries, movies and more from the week that was!

Season 14, Episode 5

4.3 269 x
Race to the couch, get comfy and prepare for a night of channel flicking fun! The Gogglebox Australia families are back for a deep dive on the week that was on TV.

Season 14, Episode 4

4.0 167 x
Grab your snacks and head to the couch! Australia's favourite armchair critics are taking control of the remote and letting you know what they really think of what was on TV this week.

Highlights: Season 14, Episode 3

3.0 15 x
The Goggleboxers return for another week of hilarious and controversial commentary.

Gogglebox Australia on TVCatchUpAustralia.com

Gogglebox Australia is the Australian version of the hugely popular British television show with the same name. Sometimes referred to as a fly-on-the-wall show, the concept of the show, simply put, is "watching people watch TV". Every week cameras are installed in the homes of ten normal Australian households and the viewers can watch the reactions of the participants as they watch sports games, movies or whatever else is on TV.

‎Gogglebox quietly but steadily gained a loyal following in Australia. What's more, some of the participants, like gay couple Tom and Wayne or housemates Angie and Yvie who live together with a bunch of dogs, have slowly become household names.

The show is produced by Shine Australia (which is co-production between Network Ten, The Lifestyle Channel and subscription television channel STV) and it airs on The Lifestyle Channel before it's broadcast on Ten the next day. This makes it easier for viewers to keep track of the series, and in combination with TVCatchUpAustralia.com you can be sure that you will never miss an episode of Gogglebox Australia again.

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It didn't take long for the Gogglebox-concept to make an impact on Australian television audiences, something that is illustrated by the back-to-back Logie Awards for Best Factual Program won by the show in 2016 and 2017. That is also why so many people around the world are thankful for TVCatchUpAustralia.com, because they never need to miss an episode of the show again.

Each episode of Gogglebox Australia features a different Australian household and different viewers, which adds greatly to the show's continuing appeal. One day you're watching TV with two Sydney housemates and their pack of dogs, another day you're enjoying television time with an ordinary Melbourne family, and yet another day with three generations of women within the same family. Thanks to TVCatchUpAustralia.com you will never have to miss out on a new household again, and what's more, you can re-watch older episodes of Gogglebox Australia as well.

As a further proof of the program's success its run STV and FTA was extended by one year at the end of 2016, marking the OK for the series' fifth season in total. If you've just recently started getting into Gogglebox Australia then TVCatchUpAustralia.com is the perfect place for you, because here you can also go back in time and watch episodes from earlier seasons, in case you missed them.

Use TVCatchUpAustralia.com to stay up-to-date with your favourite TV shows and never miss an episode of Gogglebox Australia again. All you need to do is visit the website, type the name of the show in the simple search engine and you will find what you're looking for in a matter of seconds. No more worrying about working late or dinner dates, just watch the show when you have time and when you feel like it, whether you're in Australia or not.