Secret Science

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Secret Science

Sammy J discovers how our senses shape reality and how, even when lost, they can transform, enhancing our connection to the world.

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Season 1
"The only thing to fear, is fear itself", but is that true? And what is fear anyway? Myf Warhurst discovers that most of our fears are learned. So how do we beat them? And could they be useful?
Of our six core emotions, anger gets the worst rap. It has the potential to destroy, but as Myf Warhurst discovers, there's a thin line separating its destructive power from the constructive anger that motivates change.
Of the six core emotions that humans feel, Joy is probably our favourite. We love feeling that warm glow, but how well do we understand it? Myf Warhurst wants to discover what it is and how we can get more of it in our lives.