Spies In The Outback

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Spies In The Outback

Nuclear fear prompts thousands to flood to Alice Springs in the 1980s to try and close Pine Gap and reveal its secrets. Women especially don't want Australia involved in nuclear war and the protests get increasingly wild.

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Season 2024
As the Cold War enters the 70s, it becomes clear Pine Gap is really a spy base with eyes on the Soviets, and it's putting Alice Springs in the nuclear crosshairs. Rumours swirl about how far the US will go to keep the secret.
In the grip of a crippling drought, Alice Springs sees an economic lifeline in the 1960s when America comes knocking promising to build a space base on the edge of the desert town. The 'space base' isn't quite what it seems.
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Season 2024, Episode 4 - The Spy Who Loved Alice

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The Cold War has finally ended but Pine Gap is expanding and it's getting involved in conflicts across the world. We hear from someone who's been on the inside, meeting a spy who's spent years working within the razor wire.