Sweet Home Sextuplets

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Sweet Home Sextuplets

Courtney and Eric have a hard time keeping the sextuplets contained as they begin to run wild. During the remodel, the Waldrop's contractor discovers a serious issue in the house.

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Season 2
Courtney worries about the sextuplets' speech and enrolls them in various baby classes. Then, to thank Eric for all he does, Courtney and the big boys plan an Appreciation Day.
Courtney and Eric decide to take their first family vacation with the sextuplets. Between baby and big boy meltdowns, they struggle to keep everyone happy at the same time.
Eric watches the babies and plans a Valentine's Day surprise. The family must decide whether to stay in their home during the remodel or rent a house.
Flu season strikes as Courtney and Eric fight to keep all their kids healthy, and Layke's follow-up visit to the cardiologist brings an unexpected result.
Courtney struggles to pay attention to the big boys as they celebrate their birthday party. She also deals with her separation anxiety with the babies.
The first Christmas with the sextuplets at home rolls around as Courtney and Eric disagree on whether to sell their home and land while trying to continue family traditions.
Courtney tackles the sextuplets' first birthday party, but taking care of six babies threatens to overwhelm her. Then, the Waldrops struggle with a big decision.
Season 1
Courtney and Eric stress about hosting a big 5K charity event, while also making sure the 6 babies stay on track developmentally. Major financial decisions need to be made.
It's a week of milestones and meltdowns. The family gets a big van, the twins graduate from kindergarten, the Sextuplets turn 6-months old, and a group photo shoot turns chaotic.
Courtney and Eric bring the sextuplets to the twins' baseball game. Eric faces a major financial decision. Two babies need to see the cardiologist, and one faces possible surgery.
Courtney struggles to split her time between the babies and the older boys. Eric takes on more work to keep up with new expenses. The family attempts their first public outing.
Courtney and Eric struggle through a high-risk delivery. Six premature babies must survive the NICU and prepare to come home during a national flu crisis.
Courtney and Eric Waldrop and their three lively boys get the shock of their lives when Courtney becomes pregnant with sextuplets.