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Take 5 With Zan Rowe

If someone asked for the soundtrack to your life, what would it be? Zan Rowe has been asking extraordinary people what's on their Top 5 playlist, and learned more about them and their lives than she ever expected to.

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Season 2
Lin-Manuel Miranda is a master storyteller. As the creator and star of the smash hit Hamilton, he brought musical theatre to a whole new audience. So what are the five songs that tell his story? (Final)
G Flip has gone from making songs in their bedroom to global sensation. In this episode, which is filled with tears, air drumming and wisdom, G Flip shares their 5 songs of determination.
Mark Coles Smith's role in Mystery Road Origins cemented him as one of Australia's leading men. He shares his journey from rural Australia to fame all told through five incredible song choices.
Australian icon Jimmy Barnes takes us on a journey through the music that built him. This not to be missed conversation reveals the power of music to shape identity. What song brings Jimmy to tears?
Pop sensation Natalie Imbruglia shares five songs that reflect her story. From overnight worldwide fame with her hit Torn, mental health struggles and the journey back to herself, Natalie is an empowering force.
Noel Gallagher shares the five songs that helped him escape, from growing up in a council flat to his infamous exodus from Oasis. This charismatic rockstar opens up and shows his softer side in this not to be missed episode.
Season 1
The legendary Tori Amos talks about her fight to be heard as a woman in music, the endemic nature of sexual assault and how the fight continues. (Final)
Australia's favourite sports presenter, the charismatic Tony Armstrong shares his mixtape, life lessons and the highs and extreme lows of his AFL career with Zan Rowe.
In a deeply personal conversation, Missy Higgins opens up to Zan in an extraordinary interview you won't forget.
You can learn a lot about someone from their mixtape. Zan Rowe joins Keith Urban in Nashville as curiosity and creativity filters through the playlist of an artist with profoundly eclectic taste. A story of never giving up.
Zan Rowe sits down with Guy Pearce, a commanding actor but his first love is music. Reflecting on a life of opportunity, triumphs, tragedy and challenges, Guy shares his playlist of brilliant yet surprising songs.