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The Cleaner

Wicky has the wrong key for his next job and finds himself stuck outside the deceased's house. When he meets the radical vegan who lives next door, the confident carnivore in Wicky might have met his match.

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Season 1
Author Terence Redford is trying to write his latest masterpiece but is finding it difficult to concentrate, partly because of writer's block, and partly because his grandmother recently burnt to death in his living room.
Professional crime scene cleaner Wicky has headed to the suburbs to mop up after a particularly grizzly murder: your classic 'housewife finally snaps' stabbing-based incident.
Neil and Shelly have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful home, successful careers—and dangerous addictions to alcohol
William brings Swenton into the Banks home to detox, determined to save him from the fate that Mickey suffered.
Lisa moved to Los Angeles years ago with dreams of becoming an actress, but thus far, all she has managed is a steady career as an extra.
Rebecca, a gifted teenage pianist, has turned to meth to cope with the pressures in her life. Her father, who was reluctantly supporting her habit out of fear of losing her, requests William’s help.
An unsuccessful intervention drives a heroin-addled woman onto the streets. Her sister hires William, but the girls’ mother does not trust his methods.
The wife of a renowned horse jockey seeks out William. Her husband, who has used the ADD medication Adderall for years in order to make weight, has been exhibiting hostile, frenetic behaviour of late.
The principal of a prestigious prep school, who is also an old friend of William’s, asks for his help with a troubled student.
An FBI agent strong-arms William into searching for her former partner, who developed a drug addiction while deep undercover on a case.
Inspired by the true story of a real life “extreme interventionist” - William “The Cleaner” Banks, who after hitting rock-bottom from his own addictions, strikes a tentatative deal with God.
A mathematics professor, in a race against time to publish his research, turns to cocaine. His colleague and girlfriend seeks William’s help. William must nab the professor before he loses everything.