The Hotel Inspector

Season 11

Season 11, Episode 2 - Harmony, Torquay

4.0 2 x
Alex makes her way to Torquay where she visits a musically themed bed and breakfast that is failing to hit the right notes.

Season 11, Episode 1 - The Fieldhead, Looe

4.0 4 x
The Fieldhead is a 16 bedroom hotel in Looe which owned by Julian and Gill Peck. Alex believes that that old fashioned values could be the cause of the rapid plunging occupancy rates.
Season 10

Season 10, Episode 8 - Waterhall Country House Hotel, Crawley

3.0 6 x
The thirty-four acre Waterhall Country House Hotel in Crawley has been in the Marsh family for over 10 years. Can Alex bring the family salvation and set them on the runway to success?

Season 10, Episode 7 - The Green Man Pub And Hotel, Wembley

3.0 8 x
Alex Polizzi’s trip to the Green Man Pub and Hotel in Wembley proves there’s more than one way to run a failing business.

Season 10, Episode 6 - The Gungate Hotel, Tamworth

3.0 20 x
Sue Tipton wanted a challenge - so decided, on impulse, to buy The Gungate Hotel in Tamworth. Since then, she’s poured her heart and soul, plus a huge investment, into the business.

Season 10, Episode 5 - The Paramount Hotel, Nottingham

3.0 19 x
The Paramount Hotel in Nottingham pushes Alex Polizzi to the edge when she comes close to walking out for the first time ever.

Season 10, Episode 4 - Alexandra Hotel, Llandudno

4.0 18 x
Minister of the interdenominational Universal Church of Life, John Humberstone, has been welcoming guests at his Alexandra Hotel in Llandudno for the last couple of years.

Season 10, Episode 3 - Eden Lodge, Flamouth

4.0 94 x
Alex Polizzi’s visit to the Eden Lodge in Falmouth leaves her all at sea as she has to contend with couple Lynn and Ziggy who can’t agree on anything.

Season 10, Episode 2 - The Vidella, Blackpool

3.0 32 x
This week, the Hotel Inspector visits a hotel that’s gone beyond a joke. Practical jokers Neil and John were best friends when they took over The Vidella Hotel in Blackpool a decade ago.

1. Epstein House, Liverpool

4.0 54 x
This week, the Hotel Inspector experiences mayhem on the Mersey. A visit to Epstein House in Liverpool leaves Alex Polizzi pulling her hair out as she faces one of her most trying hoteliers yet.