The Real Manhunter


1. Murder Of Bridie Skehan, The

4.0 33 x
Watch, Catch Up & Stream The Real Manhunter Season 1 Episode 1 Season 1 Episode 1 on 7plus. Nimpha Ong and Ahmed Al-Haddad were tenants of Bridget ‘Bridie’ Skehan, an elderly former socialite, whom they brutally beat to death in a savage attack in December 2002 in a bid to get her fortune.

2. Dream City Cinema Fire, The

3.5 38 x
In 1994, David Lauwers fought with a doorman at the Dream City Cinema, after which he was ejected. He returned soon after with a can of petrol which he poured into the entrance and set alight.

7. Disappearance Of Maureen Hale, The

3.0 75 x
In June 1999, Maureen Hale vanished without a trace, leaving her husband and children behind. Police long suspected her millionaire husband of killing her after she had demanded a divorce.