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This Town

Jeannie finds a warehouse where the band start to rehearse and forge an identity. And the music is good. But Eamon has a different agenda for his son, as the IRA bring their conflict to the mainland. Gregory schemes to keep his family safe and get himself out from the clutches ...

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Season 1
Dante wants to make music. But there’s no escape from the past. Jeannie's skinhead boyfriend, Tyro, wants revenge for the beating Dante gave him. Bardon can't escape Coventry and his father. Meanwhile Special Branch see an opportunity to use Gregory against them both.
The funeral brings together different sides of Dante's family - Irish rebels, Jamaicans - and it reunites him with his cousin, Bardon - who can sing.
1981 and Birmingham explodes. Dante, in love, wanders into a riot. He finds himself in a new world, surprising, dangerous, but full of opportunity.