Tish Tash

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Season 1
Pola has forgotten to buy the meat for the family barbecue so, to avoid the barbecue being postponed, Tish proposes they hunt for vegetables for the barbecue instead.
The family are going camping but Tish doesn't want to get her new shoes muddy, which will be difficult when Rosa and Pola tell Tish to look after Bobby.
Tish and Bobby are stuck outside on an extremely hot day. Determined not to be without a house, Tish walks around the garden looking for a solution.
The family have all gone to the park to visit the playground. However, when they arrive there is a group of kids already playing on the climbing frame.
Tish and Bobby go into Rosa's art studio, even though they aren't meant to go in there without her. Tish then, accidently, knocks ink all over Rosa's latest picture.
Bobby and Tish are outside in the garden having a picnic, they each have one cookie left each. Tish gobbles hers up like a cookie eating monster but before Bobby can eat his, an ant steals it away!
The whole family are in the car on their way to the seaside. However, they are currently stuck in a traffic jam for the ferry.
It's bedtime and Rosa is about to read the story 'The Prince Who Saved the Princess' which Tish is not happy about.
Rosa asks Tish what she wants to be for Halloween, but Tish still isn't sure, and is having a hard time deciding.