Tish Tash

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 52 - Dessert Castle

4.0 29 x
Tish and Bobby are having trouble finishing their vegetables during dinner time so, Rosa and Pola have taken away the cake until they are finished.

Season 1, Episode 51 - Bedtime Story

4.0 53 x
It's bedtime and Rosa is about to read the story 'The Prince Who Saved the Princess' which Tish is not happy about.

Season 1, Episode 49 - Stone Age Barbecue

4.0 31 x
Pola has forgotten to buy the meat for the family barbecue so, to avoid the barbecue being postponed, Tish proposes they hunt for vegetables for the barbecue instead.

Season 1, Episode 47 - Wobbly Tooth

3.5 29 x
Tish is struggling to eat with a wobbly tooth. Tash suggests they shrink themselves down to check out the tooth in person.

Season 1, Episode 46 - Bath House

3.0 56 x
Tish and Bobby are out playing in the rain. Pola is shocked to see them covered in mud, so tells them to take a bath.

Season 1, Episode 48 - Mum's Present

4.0 36 x
Tish, Bobby and Pola go out shopping for Rosa's birthday presents, but with little time left before they have to go home, they each try find the perfect present.

Season 1, Episode 45 - Jungle Shoes

3.0 53 x
The family are going camping but Tish doesn't want to get her new shoes muddy, which will be difficult when Rosa and Pola tell Tish to look after Bobby.

Season 1, Episode 44 - Sales Master

4.0 24 x
Tish and Pola have set up a yard sale but Tish is having no luck selling anything and, when a customer shows up, Tish fails to win them over.

Season 1, Episode 43 - Don't Be Sad

4.0 32 x
Tish, Cori and Tobby are visiting Jeffy's house today - Jeffy, unfortunately, is not in a good mood due to a damaged toy. Tish, Cori and Tobby decide they'll work together to cheer her up.

Season 1, Episode 42 - The Pyramid Library

3.0 33 x
At the end of a library trip and agreeing to meet Rosa at the front entrance, Tish realises she needs help finding a book about pyramids.