24 Hours In Emergency

August 2019

Season 15 Episode 15 - The Outsiders

4.0 3 x
Alex, 77, is rushed to St George?s with a suspected stroke whilst Steven is seen in majors for severe stomach cramps. In paediatrics, Aaliyah, 16, has come to A&E after damaging her fingernail in a fight.

Season 15 Episode 14 - Too Close For Comfort

4.0 6 x
Brooke, 12, is rushed to St George?s after suffering a serious asthma attack and stopping breathing. Howard, 76, is treated for serious burns after an explosion at home, and Colin is in minors following a cycling accident.

Season 15 Episode 13 - I'll Stand By You

4.0 10 x
71 year old Jeremy arrives at St George?s in an air ambulance after crashing his bicycle at speed. Doctors suspect a head injury and he is taken for urgent CT scans. As his sons Ollie and Alex make their way to the hospital, they describe their father?s unwillingness to grow old and the importance of a strong family unit i...
July 2019

Season 15 Episode 12 - The Extra Mile

3.0 2 x
28 year old Xintong is rushed to A&E after being flung from a go-kart at full speed. Doctors are concerned there may be damage to her spine and send her for urgent CT scans. As the medical team assess her injuries, her fianc� Deon explains how Xintong was raised in China and how their relationship survived the distance bet...

Season 15 Episode 5 - Man Down

Expired 4.0 7 x
This episode centres on the changing roles and expectations of men in the modern world. 24 year old Stanlie is airlifted to St George?s after he is impaled on a metal pole on a construction site. Meanwhile, Max and his two year old daughter Darcy are rushed to A&E after their van collides with a bus.

Season 15 Episode 11 - Roll With The Punches

Expired 4.0 7 x
40-year-old Tania is in resus after being knocked over by a car, and 77-year-old Edwin is rushed to A&E bleeding from a neck tumour. In the urgent care centre, semi-professional footballer Lilli has damaged her eye socket in a match.

Season 15 Episode 4 - Do The Right Thing

Expired 3.0 6 x
We meet 35 year old Mark, who is a long term resident at a neurological hospital. Mark is rushed to St George?s struggling to breathe, and his devoted parents travel with him in the ambulance. Doctors are concerned that he has an infection, which is particularly dangerous for him.

Season 15 Episode 3 - The Cards We're Dealt

Expired 3.0 10 x
66 year old Maureen, who suffers from a chronic neurological condition, comes to A&E struggling to breathe. Doctors battle to stop internal bleeding in a 10 year old boy who has fallen at school. In paediatrics, 4 year old Milly is seen after falling on her face.

Season 15 Episode 2 - A Change Is Gonna Come

Expired 4.0 2 x
This episode features patients whose visions of the world are rocked by life-changing events - exploring what happens when our ideals and expectations meet the stark realities of life. 44-year old Sergio is flown to A&E by air ambulance with life-threatening chest injuries after an accident on a charity cycle ride.
June 2019

24 Hours In A And E Series 15

Expired 4.0 2 x
The stories of two patients filmed over 24 hours at St George?s Hospital. David, 69, has severe pain in his calf, and a suspected blood clot while Annie, 90, has been found unresponsive at home.