24 Hours In Emergency

November 2017

Season 11 Episode 2 - Love Through The Ages

4.0 9 x
This episode focuses on the changing nature of relationships between parents and children.

Season 11 Episode 1 - Just Seventeen

3.0 23 x
Three young men from different backgrounds come to St George’s after a variety of incidents. Seventeen year-old Shea has been stabbed in an altercation. 17 year-old Bob has impaled his leg on his school fence whilst trying to take a short cut home, and 33 year-old James is back in hospital after blacking out at home, he’s bleeding from his ear but doesn’t know if it’s a new head injury or one he sustained a month before in a fight.

Season 10 Episode 21 - Candle In The Wind

4.0 29 x
This episode focuses on some of the youngest patients who visit St George's and the staff who are there to care for them. Eight-year-old Billy is rushed in after being crushed by falling bricks that were being stored on his front drive.
October 2017

Season 10 Episode 20 - Boys Will Be Boys

3.0 12 x
A group of male patients at St George's are at different stages when it comes to growing up and taking responsibility for their actions. Chris, 30, is rushed in after being injured in a shooting. He has a wound to his abdomen. His mum Mandy has been made aware of the accident but doesn’t know the detail that her son has been shot. Meanwhile, in the waiting room 19 year old college student Lennon has come in with his friend Jeremy. He has a head injury after jumping into a door frame whilst kick...

Season 10 Episode 19 - Stand By Your Man

4.0 15 x
This episode focuses on the highs and lows of relationships and the power of family ties to endure against the odds. Neil, 52, is rushed in after falling backwards off a ramp onto a concrete floor. Consultant Rathan is concerned that Neil has sustained serious injuries to his head and neck and is at risk of a bleed on the brain. Neil's ex-wife Heather describes the night they first met in a pub; it was love at first sight.

Season 10 Episode 18 - Against All Odds

4.0 16 x
This episode explores the unexpected things that can happen in life that make us value the ones we love. Antonio, 20, is rushed in after a motorcycle accident. The medical team quickly discover Antonio has a severe fracture to his leg and are concerned about a potential arterial bleed. 40-year-old Karen comes to St George’s after falling off her horse, which then trampled on her. As doctors investigate the damage to Karen’s chest and lungs, we learn of her life-long passion for horses and how h...

Season 10 Episode 17 - Sweethearts

4.0 27 x
This episode focuses on couples whose loving relationships are put to the test by distance and unexpected illness. Adrian, 40, is escalated from majors to Resus after colliding with a car on his bike ride to work. Consultant Melissa is in charge of Resus and she is concerned Adrian may have a serious chest injury so he is sent for a full CT scan.

Season 10 Episode 16 - Safe From Harm

Expired 3.0 26 x
Gary, a 51-year-old painter and decorator is rushed to St George's after falling ten feet from a ladder while at work painting a ceiling. When Gary's scans arrive, Dr Rob becomes increasingly concerned about fractures in his back, pelvis and coccyx. Meanwhile, five-year-old Beatriz is brought in by her parents with symptoms of a fever due to her rare kidney condition that lowers her immune system, making her vulnerable to infection.
September 2017

Season 10 Episode 15 - Flesh And Blood

Expired 4.0 31 x
This episode focuses on the ups and downs of family life and how people pull together to get through them. 53 year old Pam is rushed in after suffering a suspected heart attack.

Season 10 Episode 14 - Catch Me If I Fall

Expired 3.0 20 x
Valerie, 63, is rushed to St George's having fallen from a horse. Leading the trauma is Consultant Will, who is concerned about potential spinal and head injuries.