24 Hours In Emergency

Season 17

Season 17, Episode 9 - Turn Back Time

4.0 0 x
39-year-old Leo is in A&E with a head injury after crashing his car and flipping it on its roof. 9-year-old Kieran has been brought in with a sore wrist following a skateboarding accident while 91-year-old Lilian has been brought to A&E after falling at home.

Season 17, Episode 10 - With Or Without You

4.0 3 x
Stroke doctor Bryan is having a busy day in resus. 70-year-old Jenny is rushed into the emergency department with left sided weakness and problems with her speech, whilst 81-year-old Brian has facial droop and spinal tingling. In Majors, 29-year-old Ronnie is experiencing severe lower back pain.
Season 15

Season 15 Episode 13 - I'll Stand By You

4.0 1 x
71 year old Jeremy arrives at St George’s in an air ambulance after crashing his bicycle at speed. Doctors suspect a head injury and he is taken for urgent CT scans. As his sons Ollie and Alex make their way to the hospital, they describe their father’s unwillingness to grow old and the importance of a strong family unit i...
Season 17

Season 17, Episode 7 - Support Bubble

3.0 6 x
74-year-old Mick is rushed to St George’s after falling from standing at home, snapping his ankle in two places. 32-year old Naomi is also in resus with potentially life-changing injuries to her neck and spine after colliding with an opponent during a rugby match. Meanwhile art teacher Christophe is being treated for a cru...

Season 17, Episode 8 - Blink Of An Eye

4.0 5 x
46-year-old Claire has been sent to A&E by her GP with chronic back pain, whilst 44-year-old Anne Marie has been rushed into St George’s with a suspected stroke. New parents Danny and Jordan have brought five-day-old Gracie into the paediatrics department worried she may have an infected umbilical cord.
Season 15

Season 15 Episode 12 - The Extra Mile

4.0 2 x
28 year old Xintong is rushed to A&E after being flung from a go-kart at full speed. Doctors are concerned there may be damage to her spine and send her for urgent CT scans. As the medical team assess her injuries, her fiancé Deon explains how Xintong was raised in China and how their relationship survived the distance bet...
Season 17

Season 17, Episode 5 - Into The Light

3.0 8 x
11-year-old Ashanti is rushed to St. George’s by ambulance after being struck by a car and hitting the windscreen whilst on her way to school. 60-year-old Julie is transferred to resus with a serious open ankle fracture after tripping over her cat. Meanwhile, in the injuries department 26-year-old ex-professional footballe...

Season 17, Episode 6 - Everybody Needs Somebody

3.0 2 x
56-year-old Wendy is rushed to St George’s with an open ankle fracture after falling in her garden. Meanwhile, 84-year-old Ioannis has come into A&E with pain in his elbow after collapsing at home following a bout of dizziness. Paramedics later rush 68-year-old Fred to Resus after he had been experiencing chest pain at hom...
Season 15

Season 15 Episode 11 - Roll With The Punches

4.7 4 x
40-year-old Tania is in resus after being knocked over by a car, and 77-year-old Edwin is rushed to A&E bleeding from a neck tumour. In the urgent care centre, semi-professional footballer Lilli has damaged her eye socket in a match.
Season 17

Season 17, Episode 4 - Lasting Legacy

4.0 3 x
93-year-old Sir Robert is rushed to St. George's with a dangerously low heart rate after experiencing dizziness and confusion at home. Meanwhile, in ED Injuries 29-year-old Brad has come to A&E after crushing his finger at work. Severe haemophiliac Tom walks into Resus for urgent attention after falling off his bike.