24 Hours In Emergency


Season 12 Episode 8 - Lost For Words

Expired 2.0 77 x
In this episode we follow staff as they unravel the mystery of 54 year old Richard, who comes in with a suspected stroke. Dr Vijay works fast to get to the root cause of his symptoms, however, whilst undergoing a CT scan Richard has a seizure. This gives Dr Vijay a strong indication of what has been happening to him. During this time, we hear from his wife, Mary, about how her and Richard met. The CT scan reveals that Richard has not suffered a stroke, but there is a mass on his brain. Dr Vijay...

Season 12 Episode 6 - Out Of The Fire

Expired 4.0 24 x
Evadney, a 56 year old woman walks into St George’s A&E after badly burning her arm when an aerosol in a bonfire she was standing near to, exploded. Her skin is badly blistered and seeping. Sufia, a five year old girl is rushed to St George’s in an ambulance with head and scalp injuries after being dragged under a car on her way to school and Pat arrives after the car she was driving hit a wall at speed.

Season 12 Episode 5 - Collision Course

Expired 4.0 19 x
This episode shows strength through adversity. Thirty six year old Leon is airlifted to St Georges after being involved in a head on collision with a car. Thirty seven year old Graham has collided with another player whilst playing rugby and has lost feeling in his arms and legs, he is joined by his wife. Four year old Elliott has got a foreign object stuck up his nose and has come to A&E with his Mum.

Season 12 Episode 4 - Shelter From The Storm

Expired 4.0 14 x
This episode displays the strengths of single parenthood and how families unite in the toughest times. Twenty-year-old Adam is brought in by ambulance after being involved in a high speed motorcycle accident; he is joined by his Dad and Sister. Richard is a seventy-year-old man who comes to A&E with a high heart rate. Ten-year-old Pia has fallen over and hurt her knee and is brought in by her Mum.

Season 12 Episode 3 - Unconditional Love

Expired 3.0 24 x
This episode displays the strengths of unconditional love whether there are blood ties or not. Fifty-year-old Gary is brought in by ambulance after a garage has collapsed and fallen on his legs. His wife Peta joins him. Eighty-three-year-old Maggie comes into A&E with suspected sepsis, she also has lung cancer and is joined by her son and daughter. One-year-old George comes in with his Mum after they suspect he may have drunk nail varnish remover.

Season 12 Episode 2 - Bringing Up Baby

Expired 3.0 54 x
This episode displays the strengths of parental love. 31-year-old Marie arrives by ambulance after collapsing at home with an unexplained headache. Doctors work fast to ascertain the cause of her collapse with potentially devastating results. She is joined by her partner Cameron and young child. 87-year-old Eileen comes in with shortness of breath and a high heart rate, and she is no stranger to a hospital. Ten month old Erin is accompanied by doting Dad Andy with a build-up of wax in her ears ...

Season 12 Episode 1

Expired 4.0 40 x
In this episode we follow staff as they unravel the mystery of an unknown patient who arrives after collapsing and falling face first in the street. The team at St George’s manage to contact his two daughters as they race to find out what may have caused him to fall unconscious. 29 year old Rick comes to minors after an accident at the gym and three year old Marigold is in paediatrics with her Mum Helen after showing signs of a chest infection.

Season 11 Episode 13 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Expired 4.0 109 x
This shocking episode follows three middle age women who are stabbed in broad daylight in a supermarket car park in Surrey. The women were all previously unknown to each other and rushed to St George’s in the aftermath of the random attack. This episode follows the impact of the trauma on both the victims as well as the emergency department and the staff who work there.

Season 11 Episode 12 - Love Conquers All

Expired 3.0 35 x
40 year old Stuart who has been involved in a cycling accident. Things take a turn for the worse when Doctors discover an internal kidney bleed. 83 year old Elicia Jean is rushed to St Georges having collapsed at home, she is accompanied by her Son Stephen and his Wife Cilla, and Rita comes to A&E in need of having her abscess treated.

Season 11 Episode 11 - Supporting Cast

Expired 3.0 25 x
This episode focuses on the support offered by friends and family at the most vulnerable times of people’s lives.