24 Hours In Emergency


24 Hours In A And E Series 15

4.0 2 x
The stories of two patients filmed over 24 hours at St George’s Hospital. David, 69, has severe pain in his calf, and a suspected blood clot while Annie, 90, has been found unresponsive at home.

Season 15 Episode 26 - A Life Less Ordinary

4.0 94 x
33 year old epileptic Lucy is rushed to St George’s after a severe seizure, whilst Simon has come to A&E with a sore neck. Meanwhile, two year old Sophie is in paediatrics after being sprayed in the face with a cleaning product by her brother.

Season 15 Episode 25 - A Pillar Of Strength

Expired 4.0 32 x
Mohammad, who's 43 and has Motor Neurone Disease, is rushed to St George's with severe sepsis, while 47-year-old David has suffered a significant leg injury.

Season 15 Episode 24 - Go Your Own Way

Expired 4.0 37 x
32 year old Mark is brought to resus with a head injury after suffering an epileptic seizure. He is sent for an urgent CT scan to assess the damage to his brain while his Mum and Dad rush from their home in Kent.

Season 15 Episode 23 - Endless Love

Expired 2.5 55 x
This episode follows two people who have come to the UK and made a home, as well as the story of a woman living with the legacy of cancer.
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Season 15 Episode 22 - Saving Grace

Expired 4.4 538 x
The stories of three patients filmed over one 24 hour period at St George’s Hospital, Tooting. Leslie, 75, is rushed to A&E after collapsing at home and suffering a stroke. Hannah, 37, has pain in her spine after falling from her horse. In paediatrics, Isabella, 6, has hurt her neck falling from monkey bars.

Season 15 Episode 10 - Leap Of Faith

Expired 3.0 126 x
38 year old Aydigul is brought into resus with sepsis following a bowel operation, whilst Dr Ahmed fights to save the life of triple A patient Pat. In the urgent care centre, 52 year old Winnie is treated for a swollen insect bite.

Season 15 Episode 9 - From This Day Forward

Expired 4.0 51 x
David, 74, is airlifted to A&E after falling from a ladder, while John, 92, suffers a head injury from falling from his stair lift at home. Minnie, 98, is in resus with severe pain in her leg due to a suspected blood clot.

Season 15 Episode 7 - Look Both Ways

Expired 4.0 86 x
56 year old Dave is rushed to St George?s after falling from a ladder whilst at work, whilst 3 year old Alf is brought in by his parents after being hit by a car. In the urgent care centre, 26 year old Finn needs a wound on his head treated after being hit by a car whilst out running.

Season 15 Episode 8 - A Road Less Travelled

Expired 3.0 57 x
60 year old motorcyclist Paul is rushed to St George?s after colliding with a van. 4 year old Jeremy comes to St George?s with his parents struggling to breathe.