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S1 Ep122 - Lamu, Island Of Donkeys

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Lamu: The Island of Donkeys - With 6,000 donkeys for 24,000 inhabitants, the Island of Lamu off the coast of Kenya certainly holds the world record. This situation is due to its narrow streets, along which vehicles cannot pass. There are only two ca...

S1 Ep121 - The Highland Games

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The Highland Games - The mountains in the north of Scotland do not just provide the location for the Queen's summer residence, they are also home to the famous Highland Games. The sporting events, such as tossing the caber and Scottish dancing to th...

S1 Ep117 - The News Man Of Azerbaijan

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The News Man of Azerbaijan - The newsman or ‘Ashig’ has always played an important role in the remote areas of Azerbaijan over the centuries. Without them, the inhabitants would be radically cut off from the rest of the world and all its news. Certa...

S1 Ep112 - Kalmykia - The Return Of The Monks

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Kalmykia: The Return of the Monks - Sanan Matvenov is only 26 years old but since he was 13, he has studied the teachings of Buddha. Along with seven other monks he lives in the main Buddhist temple in Elista, the capital of Kalmykia. Located in the...

S1 Ep108 - The Emerald Hunters Of Bahia

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The Emerald Hunters of Bahia - Emeralds beautifully capture the shining reflections of light. The emerald market is booming. But the industry suffers from a bad reputation. Dishonest traders doctor inferior quality emeralds using artificial resins a...
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