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Season 2022

Season 2022, Episode 24 - Psyched Up

3.0 8 x
The race to make psychedelic drugs part of mainstream medicine. Elise Worthington looks into clinical trials to treat trauma, PTSD and mental health conditions, plus the dark side of abuse, malpractice and underground supply.

Season 2022, Episode 22 - Washed Away

4.0 3 x
The planning failures deepening Australia's flood crisis. Adam Harvey meets families struggling with current and past flood events. They tell stories of despair, abandonment, and financial ruin. Many have lost everything.

Season 2022, Episode 20 - Vape Haze

2.8 13 x
Vaping was hailed as the new way to quit smoking but there are concerns it is now causing nicotine addiction in teens. Grace Tobin investigates the booming black market which is thriving due to a failure to police the rules.

Season 2022, Episode 18 - Holding On To Hope

4.5 7 x
Dr Norman Swan investigates the science behind a new drug treatment in the race to solve dementia. Dr Swan looks at evidence that lifestyle choices may help delay the onset of the disease while the world waits for a cure.

Season 2022, Episode 21 - The War Within

3.0 4 x
How factional infighting contributed to the Liberal Party's election loss. Liberal insiders speak for the first time about deep divisions, pre-selections, branch stacking and the extraordinary measures by factional warriors.

Season 2022, Episode 15 - The Path To Power

4.0 4 x
How the 2022 election was won and lost. Undecided voters talk about the leaders, policies and performance during the campaign and what influenced their vote. Plus political strategists pull apart the tactics and motivations.

Season 2022, Episode 13 - Digging In

3.5 15 x
Four Corners investigates the new mining boom in critical minerals - necessary in mobile phones, renewable energy and electric vehicles. Angus Grigg finds Australia is in the box seat to exploit a surge in worldwide demand.

Season 2022, Episode 12 - Profiting From The Pandemic

4.0 5 x
How Aspen Medical cashed in on COVID. Linton Besser investigates the health contractor hand-picked by the federal government for lucrative contracts worth more than a billion dollars. Why was it chosen and did they deliver?

Season 2022, Episode 11 - The Butchers From Brazil

4.5 4 x
Four Corners investigates the corporate colossus that has taken a major slice of Australia's food production sector while being exposed internationally for bribery, corruption and environmental vandalism. Grace Tobin reports.
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Season 2023, Episode 1 - Purity

Expected on
An Education in Opus Dei - the disturbing teachings of the conservative Catholic organisation and its influence in the NSW Liberal Party. Former students reflect on the practices they say have scarred them for life.