Four Corners

Season 2020

Season 2020, Episode 40 - Inside The Canberra Bubble

4.0 31 x
Parliament House in Canberra is a hotbed of political intrigue and high tension - but what happens after hours? Louise Milligan investigates the conduct of some of the most senior politicians in the nation. (Final for 2020)

Season 2020, Episode 39 - The Class Of 2020

4.0 17 x
In first hand accounts the class of 2020 reflect on how the global pandemic upended their final year of school. Students from across Australia discuss the uncertainty and disruption of lockdown and their plans for the future.

Season 2020, Episode 38 - The End For Trump?

3.5 20 x
With just over a week before polling day, can Donald Trump again defy the polls and his critics and secure a second presidential term? Michael Brissenden examines key states and voting blocs in this fierce political dogfight.

Season 2020, Episode 37 - End Game

4.0 79 x
Breaking the silence about sexual abuse in sport. Around the world sporting codes have been engulfed in scandal with revelations about the sexual abuse of young athletes by coaches, and administrators accused of covering up.

Season 2020, Episode 36 - Tinder

4.0 37 x
How digital dating became a predators' playground. In a joint investigation for Four Corners and triple j Hack, Avani Dias uncovers a deeply troubling pattern of sexual assault and rape facilitated by the use of Tinder.

Season 2020, Episode 35 - Shock Wave

3.0 31 x
Incredible stories of survival from the Beirut blast zone. Adam Harvey pieces together the story of the explosion, tracking down people who filmed or witnessed the blast, as well as business owners and emergency responders.

Season 2020, Episode 34 - The Job Ahead

4.0 48 x
Australia is in a deep economic downturn, decades of growth halted by the coronavirus pandemic. After the closure of our borders and extensive restrictions, we investigate the financial fallout and what the future may hold.

Season 2020, Episode 33 - The Hunt For Britain's Slave Gangs

2.0 58 x
The investigation that exposed a predatory network of human traffickers. With exclusive access to police and the court case, see how they brought down the family crime group behind the UK's biggest human slavery operation.

Season 2020, Episode 32 (Soldiers Of Fortune)

4.0 101 x
The Australian mercenaries selling paramilitary services to warlords and despots abroad. Four Corners investigates this murky world as conflicts are being fought by private military contractors operating as guns for hire.

Season 2020, Episode 31 (Opioids, Inc)

4.8 86 x
How bribes, sex and money fuelled America's opioid epidemic. The aggressive marketing of dangerously potent and addictive opioids by pharmaceutical companies has driven an alarming rise in global drug addiction and death.