Four Corners

April 2019

Season 2019, Episode 11 (Orphans Of Isis)

3.0 5 x
A grandmother's desperate journey to rescue her children and bring them home. Four Corners exclusively brings you the story of the Sharrouf children and their grandmother's fight to save them from a refugee camp in Syria.

Season 2019, Episode 10 (Interference)

3.0 21 x
New evidence of China's covert political influence campaign in Australia. We reveal secret Beijing-backed political activity and information gathering operations targeting politicians and Chinese dissenters in Australia.

Season 2019, Episode 9 (Climate Of Change)

4.0 11 x
The struggle to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. With a Federal election looming, we explore climate change policy: from electricity prices, the role of coal, the cars we drive, animals we breed and gas we export.
March 2019

Season 2019, Episode 8 (Under The Radar)

4.0 9 x
The Christchurch terror attack brought to light the violent, disturbing right-wing extremist movement flourishing on the internet. Were authorities so focused on Islamic extremism that they failed to grasp this deadly threat?

Season 2019, Episode 7 (The Uber Story)

4.5 7 x
Uber is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. It's embedded in our language and revolutionised transport. How did the edgy digital disruptor upend an entire business model, outwit regulators and crush competitors?

Season 2019, Episode 6 (The Mystery Of The Missing Princess)

4.0 14 x
In heart-stopping interviews and video we follow the story of Princess Latifa, daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - the ruler of Dubai whose horse won the 2018 Melbourne Cup, as she attempts to escape Dubai.

Season 2019, Episode 5 (Guilty: The Conviction Of Cardinal Pell)

4.0 25 x
Four Corners reveals how Australia's highest ranking Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, was brought to justice. With the suppression order lifted on his conviction for sexually abusing two boys, the full story can now be told.
February 2019

Season 2019, Episode 4 (Criminalising Women)

4.0 9 x
Why are so many women going to prison? Across Australia, there are now more women in prison than ever before - and once they're out they're very likely to reoffend and end up back inside.

Season 2019, Episode 3 (Project Dragon)

3.0 13 x
As China transforms into an economic powerhouse, billions of dollars have been illegally spirited out of the country. Mark Willacy reports on the bounty hunters chasing China's missing millions in Australia.

Season 2019, Episode 2 (Meet The Scammers)

3.0 12 x
Join reporter Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop as he investigates the cyber criminals breaking hearts and stealing billions.