60 Minutes

Season 2024

NewSeason 2024, Episode 4 - MH370 A Decade of Despair, The Long Way Home

0 x
New hope in the decade-long search for MH370; A young boy’s great escape after being stolen by his own mother; the hair-raising confessions of tennis great, Andre Agassi.

Season 2024, Episode 3 - Follow the Evidence, Rock 'N' Recovery

3 x
Finally a significant breakthrough in the 27-year-long JonBenét Ramsey murder investigation; Plus, the massive hit Jimmy Barnes neither expected nor wanted.

Season 2024, Episode 2 - Reshaping the World, Deadline for Justice

8 x
Investigating the truth – the good and the bad – about weight loss injections like Ozempic; Plus, the secret witness who could finally help crack the Madeleine McCann case.

Season 2024, Episode 1 - The Epstein Files

7 x
The damning files which expose the evil of American billionaire and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Tara Brown investigates.
Season 2023

Season 2023, Episode 47 - A Mind Of Its Own, The Mules of Instagram

2 x
Tom Steinfort interviews the most advanced robot ever built; Plus, two young Instagram influencers discover crime doesn't pay.

Season 2023, Episode 45 - Deep Impact, Perfectly Imperfect

3 x
Onboard the most lethal fighting machine ever built, a Virginia class, nuclear-powered submarine; plus, why Dawn French wants everyone to know she's a failure.

Season 2023, Episode 44 - Love Trap, Hot Pink

2 x
The young flight attendant and famous actor who became victims in Australia's cruellest love trap; Plus, superstar P!NK reveals her secret obsession.

Season 2023, Episode 43 - The Sea World Tragedy, Grey Is The New Black

4 x
Survivors of the Sea World helicopter tragedy describe the horror of the mid-air collision; Plus, out with the new in with the old, how to make ageing cool.

Season 2023, Episode 41 - School's Out, Every Six Minutes

15 x
The worrying crisis of students who want to learn but are refusing to go to school; Inside the battle to stop cyber criminals; The mysterious deaths of Vladimir Putin’s foes.

Season 2023, Episode 40 - Unlucky 13th, Everyone's Friend

5 x
How to stop the pain for Aussies with home mortgages; Remembering Matthew Perry; The rise of superstar G Flip; & Liz Hayes takes on her most difficult assignment.

Season 2023, Episode 37 - Meet the Matildas, All the President's Friends

3 x
Kicking up a storm of success. How Australia's favourite team, the Matildas, turned women's soccer into a must watch sport.

Season 2023, Episode 36 - Hell in the Holy Land, Cops vs Cartels

6 x
Carnage in the Holy Land; The newest weapon in the fight to stop the drug cartels; & the courage of Kaylee McKeown, Australia's Olympic golden girl.

Season 2023, Episode 34 - Brand Damage, Perfectly Imperfect

4 x
A brave Australian woman’s terrifying encounter with accused sex predator, Russell Brand; plus, why the wonderful Dawn French wants everyone to know she’s a failure.

Season 2023, Episode 33 - Gone Girl, What Were They Thinking?

2 x
Tara Brown reveals vital new clues that could finally solve one of Australia’s greatest mysteries; plus, the Hollywood stars who are backing a convicted rapist.

Season 2023, Episode 32 - Evil Beyond Measure, Dark Forces

8 x
The battle to keep the community protected from an evil serial killer who's become eligible for parole; plus, the foreign agents infiltrating Australia to cause havoc.

Season 2023, Episode 31 - Deep Impact, The Year of Living Cheaply

7 x
Onboard the most lethal fighting machine ever built, a Virginia class, nuclear-powered submarine; plus, could Australia’s cost-of-living hell have been avoided?

Season 2023, Episode 30 - Catching a Killer, Work in Progress

7 x
Persistence pays off. The extraordinary effort by detectives to track down a ruthless killer; plus, Millennials taking over in the workplace and demanding big changes.

Season 2023, Episode 28 - The Sins of the Twin, Yes or No

14 x
Paul Dawson, the twin of wife killer Chris Dawson, is confronted over accusations of having sex with underage students; Will Australia vote yes or no for the Voice to Parliament?

Season 2023, Episode 27 - Scientology, Lizzo

17 x
Shocking allegations about how the Church of Scientology has protected a sexual predator; plus, behind the scenes on controversial megastar Lizzo's Australian tour.

Season 2023, Episode 26 - The King's Secret, Full Metal Racket

11 x
Footy great Wally Lewis reveals a tragic secret about the game he loves; plus, the battle of the biggest heavy metal bands - Def Leppard Vs Mötley Crüe.