60 Minutes


Ep 48 Sky High, Paradise Lost, The Man Who Saw Everything

3.0 7 x
Taking to the skies for a Top Gun adventure with the controversial F35 strike fighter jet; How one of Australia's favourite destinations became Hell on Earth & look back at some of our finest stories through the eyes of one of our best.

Ep 47 Surprised by five, Storm chasers, 60 Minutes timeless: High voltage

4.0 17 x
The amazing story of 5 little Aussie miracles a 1 in 55 million; meet the storm chasers, why these cowboys of the sky are trying to diffuse massive thunderstorms plus a 60 Minutes classic from 1996, Tracey Curro - on the road with ACDC.

Ep 46 Parental as anything, Bad grandpas, 60 Minutes timeless: INXS

3.0 12 x
Mum's who like to do things a little bit differently; the biggest jewel heist in UK history pulled off by a bunch of bad grandpas but they made one big mistake plus a 60 Minutes classic from 1991 - Jeff McMullen's rare access to INXS.

Ep 45 Who killed Josh?, The write stuff, 60 Minutes timeless: V8 Sheikh

4.0 9 x
A 60 Minutes special investigation - when evidence doesn't stack up, was an innocent man thrown behind bars? Australia's best selling children's author, Andy Griffiths plus a 60 Minutes classic from 1992 - Jennifer Byrne meets the V8 Sheikh.

Ep 44 Emma, Out of this world, 60 Minutes timeless: Katherine the great

4.0 33 x
Meet two little girls trapped in the wrong body. Emma & Izzy were born boys and now want to be female forever; plus a stellar adventure inside the arctic circle & a 60 MINS classic from 1987 – an interview with a legend, Katharine Hepburn.
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