60 Minutes


Episode 27 (Under the influence, Right or wrong, Steve & Chrissie, Question time)

3.0 58 x
Internet "Influencers" laughing all the way to the bank; the controversial test that could eliminate Down Syndrome; Rock 'n roll royalty, Chrissie Hynde and Stevie Nicks; & what Laurie Oakes really thinks about our politicians.

Episode 26 (In the line of fire, Tall poppy)

4.0 60 x
On 60 MINUTES, courage beyond words: How three complete strangers put themselves in a gunman's line of fire to save a young woman's life; and lipstick queen Poppy King, refusing to let critics smudge out her career.

Episode 24 (Sins of the father, Thin ice, Richo)

4.0 20 x
Inside the Aussie Church where women must submit to their husbands- one woman bravely speaks out- taking on the head of the Church- her very own son; Ice-skating's Olympic knee-cap scandal 20 years on; and Richo- the man who would not die.

Episode 25 (Justice for Anthea, Young and Crazy)

3.0 28 x
A family fights for justice for their murdered daughter, as Liam Bartlett confronts a suspect; & the crazy, dangerous life of Aussie adventurer and author, Rusty Young.

Episode 23 (The survivor, Boom to bust, Search for a son)

4.3 51 x
60 Minutes first went to air on February 11, 1979, under executive producer Gerald Stone and with reporters Ray Martin, George Negus and Ian Leslie. Today, 60 Minutes is Australia’s leading current affairs program with a proven record of excellence ...

Episode 22 (The Unthinkable, Apocalypse Soon, Goat Rush)

3.0 61 x
Ralph & Kathy Kelly's enormous courage – they lost both their sons in unthinkable circumstances, but they continue to help others; Where will you go when the apocalypse strikes?; and clever farmers turning pests into profit.

Episode 20 (A Day in the life, The talking dead, The great divide)

4.0 24 x
Liz Hayes meets the legendary Sir Paul McCartney, still rocking after all these years; the secret facility in Australia where the dead speak; and Liam Bartlett explains why peace in the Middle East is such a long way off.

Episode 21 (Patient 71, Work till you drop, Chicago without hope)

3.5 125 x
Julie Randall was diagnosed with incurable cancer but she refused to die. The inspirational story of Patient 71; Charles Wooley rues why he can never afford to retire; & Liz Hayes reports from the frontline - war on the streets of Chicago.

Episode 19 (Diana’s secrets, Lorde knows, Death of a champ)

3.0 61 x
The secret Diana tapes – what the Princess revealed about her miserable life inside the Palace; the second coming of pop phenomenon Lorde; and the heartbreaking anguish of pro-boxer Davey Browne's family.

Episode 18 (Unmasked, Game on, Turia)

4.0 46 x
The images of the 'boy in the hood' locked up in detention, shocked the nation. Now Dylan Voller tells his harrowing story; How to be rich and famous playing computer games; and inspirational Turia Pitt faces her greatest challenge.