60 Minutes

June 2017

Episode 19 (Diana’s secrets, Lorde knows, Death of a champ)

3.0 130 x
The secret Diana tapes – what the Princess revealed about her miserable life inside the Palace; the second coming of pop phenomenon Lorde; and the heartbreaking anguish of pro-boxer Davey Browne's family.

Episode 18 (Unmasked, Game on, Turia)

4.0 37 x
Episode 18 (Unmasked, Game on, Turia) of 60 Minutes was broadcast by Channel 9 on Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 12:01.

Episode 18 (Ep 18 Unmasked, Game on, Turia)

4.0 72 x
The images of the 'boy in the hood' locked up in detention, shocked the nation. Now Dylan Voller tells his harrowing story; How to be rich and famous playing computer games; and inspirational Turia Pitt faces her greatest challenge.

Episode 17 (The long way home, Must win battle, Remembering Anthony Foster)

3.0 20 x
As a 5 year old, Joel got lost from his family in a busy market in the Philippines-30 years later he returns in an emotional search for his mum; plus Channel 9's inspirational Matt Callander and his courageous battle against brain cancer.

Episode 16 (Hamish & Andy, Breaking the code)

3.0 40 x
Liz Hayes with comedic duo Hamish & Andy still as popular as ever after 15 years plus Ross Coulthart with a major 60 Minutes investigation into one of Australia's most infamous cold cases.
May 2017

Episode 15 (Cassandra Sainsbury: The real story, Don't tell)

4.0 52 x
The truth behind Cassandra Sainsbury, A south Australian woman incarcerated in Colombia on Drug smuggling charges and the story of the sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl in one of Queensland's elite private schools.

Episode 14 (The killer storm, Helter shelter, Impossible choice)

4.0 101 x
The deadly storm which caused a mass asthma epidemic. When will it strike again? The billionaires' tough advice for first home buyers; and Elle Halliwell celebrates her first Mother's Day with her new baby boy.

Episode 13 (One helluva day, Crook deal)

4.0 90 x
How Glenn Dickson's mates refused to let him die after he was attacked twice by a massive bull shark; & the worst case of big bank greed – destroying a successful business by making its loyal and honest owners deal with a convicted crook.

Episode 12 (Kelly, States of hate, Keep out, The missing)

4.5 52 x
Kelly Rowland, singing superstar and Beyonce's best friend; Liz Hayes confronts the Ku Klux Klan; the QLD farmer bullied by 'big gas' refuses to give up; and never forgetting Aussies who go missing.
April 2017

Episode 11 (The great escape, The hornet, A tooth for an eye)

4.0 114 x
From humble school teacher to The Hornet, the unlikely Aussie boxing champ, Jeff Horn; The great escape – families say goodbye to the rat race, hello to a permanent holiday; the strangest breakthrough in medicine, saving sight with a tooth.
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