60 Minutes


Ep 8 Extreme vetting, Family business, Great Barrier grief

3.0 18 x
Video 'Ep 8 Extreme vetting, Family business, Great Barrier grief' of the TV-show 60 Minutes was broadcasted by Channel 9 on Sunday 26 March 2017 at 23:47.

Ep 8 Ep 8 Extreme vetting, Family Business, Great Barrier reef

4.5 16 x
Australia's 'extreme vetting', who is coming here from Syria and Iraq? The best childcare and parental leave in the world, why can't we have it too? The Great Barrier Reef, disappearing before our very eyes.

Ep 7 Lessons of hate, Life sentence, A fortunate life

3.0 57 x
How Australia's schools are combating religious extremism, trying to de-radicalise militant students; the Aussie woman who married an American murderer; and the fortunate life of Peter Holmes à Court, now saving kids in Africa.

Ep 6 Modern family, Age of anxiety

1.5 203 x
A very modern family – a mother and son becoming the father and daughter; and, new hope for millions of Australians in the age of anxiety - the ground breaking research which could help sufferers of the crippling condition.

Ep 5 Saving our sons, The protector, Craving more

3.5 82 x
After 37 years in the force including a decade as top cop, Commissioner Andrew Scipione is about to hand in his badge; why so many young men like local footy star Jake Fitzsimmons are struggling to cope; and Canadian crooner, k.d. lang.
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