60 Minutes


Episode 44 (Locked & Loaded, Waist Not Want Not, Patient 71)

4.0 8 x
Liz Hayes finds out if the US military is really "locked & loaded", ready for nuclear war; Temper tantrums in the glamorous world of fashion and the inspirational story of Patient 71.

Episode 43 (The Killer Storm, A Day in the Life)

4.0 42 x
The deadly storm which caused a mass asthma epidemic. When will it strike again? plus Liz Hayes meets the legendary Sir Paul McCartney, still rocking after all these years.

Episode 42 (Family ties, Pauline Hanson, Them 4, Wanderlust!)

4.0 46 x
The tough dilemma facing IVF couples with unused embryos – donate or destroy them; Supergroup U2 still on song, and message, after 41 years; and the inspiring wanderlust of a beautiful, young Aussie adventurer.

Episode 41 (No Winners, Chuck Off!)

3.0 16 x
A 60 MINUTES special investigation: Deep inside North Korea, as the secretive, rogue nation prepares for a war that could end the world; plus Charles Wooley gets a new job at the NT News, the cheeky Top End fish and chip wrapper.

Episode 40 (For the love of Leah, The Russian connection, Island of horror)

4.0 66 x
Ben Debono's young wife died after a medical misdiagnosis & he wants to know why; Could Donald Trump's presidency be jeopardised by dodgy deals with Russia?; and Australia's oldest cold case – the 400 year mystery of the Batavia massacre.

Episode 39 (Girl Power, Bloodlines, Band of Brothers, Genetic Curse,)

3.0 51 x
Hannah wants to play footy with the other girls but she's banned by the AFL because she was born a boy; how the children of murderers live with the dark secrets; & 40 years of INXS – the band's moving tribute to Michael Hutchence.

Episode 38 (Shock and poor, The bridges of calorie counting, Snappy feet)

4.0 16 x
Can billionaire Elon Musk fix our shocking energy crisis?; Personal trainer Michelle Bridges, the biggest winner of The Biggest Loser; & Barefoot Bushman Rob Bredl introduces Charles Wooley to the monster croc that tried to kill him.

Episode 37 (Forgotten Future, On Trial, Lone Direction, The Price of Love)

4.0 58 x
How a town on the other side of the world could unlock a cure for Australian Alzheimer's sufferers; Beating a broken justice system; A new direction for One Direction's Niall Horan; and a woman's extravagant life in a billionaire's harem.

Episode 36 (The end, The girl with the blue eyes, The Virgin King)

3.3 87 x
The sordid Hollywood sex scandal, Tara Brown speaks with one of Harvey Weinstein's victims; Model murder – who killed the girl with the stunning blue eyes?; Sir Richard Branson's great survival; and the end of the road for Aussie cars.

Episode 35 (Escape from Salt Creek, P!nk)

3.0 149 x
A 60 MINUTES Major TV Event: The incredible fight for survival of 2 young backpackers as they try to escape a monster at Salt Creek; plus access all areas with superstar P!NK and her beautiful young family.