60 Minutes


Ep 3 The Joanne Lees story

4.0 135 x
Where's Peter? The most infamous outback crime in Australian history. Survivor Joanne Lees courageously returns to the Northern Territory to search for her murdered boyfriend, Peter Falconio

Ep 2 Can do better, The test, The Prime Minister

4.0 64 x
Making students smarter by making school fun; Ashleigh's family has been haunted by a dark legacy, now she wants to face her fate; plus an interview with Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Ep 1 Swimming south, Breaking the cycle, Endless love

3.0 53 x
The deadly Irukandji jelly fish coming to a beach near you; a brave 16 year old boy speaking out about violence; and Bob And Blanche's endless love.

Ep 49 Predator, Reboot of the nerds, 60 Minutes timeless: Watch this space

4.0 20 x
Allison Langdon diving the freezing waters of Antarctica for a close-up encounter with ferocious leopard seals; the Aussie school student leading a revolution plus a 60 Minutes classic from 2001 - Peter Overton goes to the edge of space.

Ep 48 Sky High, Paradise Lost, The Man Who Saw Everything

3.0 20 x
Taking to the skies for a Top Gun adventure with the controversial F35 strike fighter jet; How one of Australia's favourite destinations became Hell on Earth & look back at some of our finest stories through the eyes of one of our best.
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