60 Minutes

Season 2020

Season 2020, Episode 50 - What Would You Do? The Big Smoke, Dolly’s Secret

3.0 1 x
How far would you go to protect your family? Ben Batterham was charged with murder after a home invader he chased down, died; Why the smoke from the catastrophic bushfires was worse than the flames; & the always charming Dolly Parton.

Season 2020, Episode 49 - Innocence Ignored

4.0 7 x
Accused of monstrous crimes, a law-abiding family is arrested and locked up. There's only one problem – there's not a shred of credible evidence to support the police case. Tara Brown investigates an extraordinary miscarriage of justice.

Season 2020, Episode 48 - The Experiment, She’ll be Wright, Urban legend

4.0 13 x
Cruelty beyond belief: Identical twins and triplets separated at birth so a psychiatrist could study what happened as they grew up alone; how surfer Tyler Wright survived a devastating wipeout on land; & beating lockdown with Keith Urban.

Season 2020, Episode 47 - Sarah Ristevski

3.0 13 x
Borce Ristevski killed his wife of 27 years, Karen, in a crime that shocked many Australians. On 60 MINUTES their only child Sarah talks about the loss of her beautiful mother and explains why she still loves her father.

Season 2020, Episode 46 - Escape from the Palace, The Last laugh

4.5 18 x
Royal scandal: The costly and dangerous divorce that might actually be good news for three runaway princesses; plus, is Basil Fawlty the greatest comedy creation ever? Or the most offensive?

Season 2020, Episode 44 - Time's up, Child's play

3.0 11 x
Released from a Colombian jail, Cocaine Cassie tells 60 MINUTES what really happened; Plus, turning 'cute' into cash, meet social media's influential mini-moguls.

Season 2020, Episode 41 - Terminal Hell, A Few Bad Men, McMaster Class, Game of Thrones

3.0 33 x
For the first time, an Australian woman tells of her nightmare assault by officials at Qatar's international airport; Special Forces shame – soldiers accused of shocking war crimes; and, why we all need to be worried by China's aggression.

Season 2020, Episode 40 - The Final Battle, AC/DC

3.0 26 x
Australia's darkest shame – elite soldiers accused of committing heinous war crimes on innocent civilians. Nick McKenzie investigates how their secrets were exposed; plus, the reunion no one saw coming. Turn up the volume, AC/DC is back!

Season 2020, Episode 39 - Biden His Time, The King and Thai, Bananarama

3.3 43 x
The wild life of the outrageously wealthy King of Thailand. He prefers crop tops to crowns so is it any wonder his subjects are disgusted; More turmoil at the White House; And, superstar girl band Bananarama, still going strong 40 years on!

Season 2020, Episode 38 - The White Island Disaster, The Labradorables

3.0 10 x
For the first time, Australian survivors explain the catastrophic moment the White Island volcano erupted and question why more lives couldn't be saved; and, meet the Labradorables, the internet superstars guaranteed to make everyone smile.