Australian Story

Season 2022

NewSeason 2022, Episode 21 - Fire Fight - Mick Tisbury

3.0 13 x
One man's decade-long mission to expose the extent of an alarming chemical contamination scandal. Then, with no medical training, firefighter Mick Tisbury found an ingenious solution to help those who'd been exposed.

Season 2022, Episode 20 - A Whole New Ball Game - David Pocock

3.0 21 x
Senate powerbroker of the moment David Pocock on the forces that drew him to politics and why his background as an international rugby star helped prepare him for his biggest test yet.

Season 2022, Episode 19 - Lyn Dawson: Vanished

3.0 42 x
Missing for 40 years, Lyn Dawson's sister and brother never gave up hope they'd find justice. Behind the scenes as her siblings prepare for the outcome of her husband Chris Dawson's murder trial and digest the guilty verdict.

Season 2022, Episode 18 - Jumping The Gun (part 2)

4.5 53 x
Concluding the story about the mysterious death of Amy Wensley. As her family fights for justice, they discover a flawed police investigation and devastating forensic oversights. (Midseason Final)

Season 2022, Episode 17 - Jumping The Gun (part 1)

4.0 67 x
A devoted aunt investigates the mysterious death of her niece Amy Wensley, throwing doubt on the police case and exposing devastating investigative failures. (Part 1)

Season 2022, Episode 16 - A Community Undertaking

3.0 58 x
In the working-class town of Port Kembla, a small funeral home is transforming the way we deal with death and sparking a quiet revolution in the process.

Season 2022, Episode 15 - The Songlines Of Leah Purcell

4.5 39 x
From dirt poor beginnings, actor, writer and director Leah Purcell is now at the top of her game, weaving her family's complicated history and her own troubled past into a powerful reimagining of a classic Australian tale.

Season 2022, Episode 14 - Last Drinks

4.0 45 x
The story of how self-described 'small town drunk' Shanna Whan transformed her life to become Australian of the Year Local Hero and is now changing attitudes to booze in the bush.

Season 2022, Episode 13 - Breaking Free

4.0 66 x
A notorious bank robber destined for a life in prison discovers a new path when he confronts his hidden trauma. Now he's assisting others to seek justice for crimes long buried, but it's been a rocky road to redemption.

Season 2022, Episode 12 - Letting Loose

3.0 52 x
Co-author of Puberty Blues Kathy Lette has mined her life for stories since her teens. Now post-menopause, she opens up about her life and determination to age disgracefully.