Australian Survivor

Season 42

Season 42, Episode 12 - It Comes Down To This & Reunion Show

4.0 14 x
After defeating all their opponents and navigating dangerous twists and turns, the remaining castaways compete in the grand finale to be crowned the Sole Survivor. The castaways reunite to talk about their experiences in the Reunion Show.

Season 42, Episode 11 - Caterpillar to a Butterfly

4.0 12 x
With only six contestants remaining, everyone goes all out in the challenge to gain immunity.

Season 42, Episode 10 - Battle Royale

3.0 18 x
One castaway will be the first to drop out of the immunity challenge leaving their fate up to a game of 'Do or Die' chance,

Season 42, Episode 9 - Tell a Good Lie, Not a Stupid Lie

4.0 13 x
After a double elimination, the remaining eight castaways have to endure new challenges, while also trying to outwit and outplay one another.

Season 42, Episode 8 - Game Of Chicken

3.0 6 x
One castaway will be the last standing in the fight for immunity, earning themselves a spot in the final eight.

Season 42, Episode 7 - You Better Be Wearing A Seatbelt

4.5 26 x
Castaways are officially merged into one tribe, individual immunity is on the line, and castaways try to negotiate with Jeff to get four days' worth of rice for their tribe.

Season 42, Episode 6 - You Can't Hide on Survivor/The Devil You Do or The Devil You Don't

4.0 14 x
Castaways drop their buffs and rearrange tribes before an intense immunity challenge. Also, one castaway is taken to another island and has the power to change the game.
Season 7

Season 7, Episode 23

3.0 13 x
The end is nigh as five Castaways are whittled down to four. At the Immunity Challenge, everyone digs deep but one tribemate pulls out all the stops, giving them a great shot at being Sole Survivor.

Season 7, Episode 21

3.0 14 x
Reeling after the latest Tribal Council, the remaining Castaways take stock of what's occurred and where it leaves them in the game. A Reward Challenge side deal leaves some tribemates on the outer.

Season 7, Episode 19

3.0 11 x
As castaways return to camp from Purgatory, alliances are seemingly reformed, A tribemate selflessly gives up their reward, and the game is flipped once more as Tribal Council sees an advantage played

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Australian Survivor is an Australian reality game show that originated from the original American and internationally hugely popular show Survivor. The premise for the Australian version is very much comparable to the one of other international versions of the show. A group of people is left to survive on their own ‎in a deserted location, such as Whaler's Way on the Southern Australian Eyre Peninsula, or Upolu on Samoa.

The participants in the Survivor need to complete challenges in order to get rewards to help them survive on their own, and to win immunity from elimination from the show. The participants vote amongst each other until the "Sole Australian Survivor" is left to take home the A$500'000 cash prize.

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Australian Survivor aired for the first time in the year 2002, at the Nine Network. At the time the show was not renewed for a second season, although the Seven Network did launch a Celebrity Survivor Australia in 2006. In 2016 Ten picked up the rights for Australian Survivor, thus picking up where the first season on Nine in 2002 had left off. This history makes Australian Survivor one of the few shows in the history of Australian TV to have aired on three different major networks.

The first season of Australian Survivor took place at Whaler's Way on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and was won by former Australian rules footballer Rob Dickson. He competed with 15 other contestants over a total span on the Peninsula of 39 days and ended up winning a $500'000 cash prize and a Ford V6 Escape. The Celebrity Australian Survivor edition from 2006 was won by Guy Leech, a former Ironman surf lifesaving champion. He beat 11 other participants and spent a total of 25 days in Efate, on Vanuatu. Guy collected a $100'000 cash prize for the charity of his choice, Ride Aid Inc. All other contestants received $5'000 which they could donate to a charity of their own choosing.

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