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April 2024
Charles Wooley's amazing adventure on the Murray River.
Anne Hegerty from The Chase reveals childhood secrets that will shock plus Charles Wooley's amazing adventure on the Murray River.
Special guest Ajay Rochester and a team of experts break down the myths surrounding the weight loss wonder drug Ozempic.
February 2024
The body of a 12-year-old was found in bushland 8km from her home, but the murderer's conviction was quashed in 2009. We can finally reveal what really happened to little Leanne Holland.
January 2024
Celebrating the life of John Farnham with footage left in the vault for decades.
Young Aussie women are being shipped off to Korea to be the play thing of a dangerous cult leader.
New information on the investigation into missing toddler William Tyrrell. Also we take you on a thrilling adventure in Antarctica.
December 2023
It was the interview that had the world talking. Matt Doran sat down with school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau who'd sexually seduced her student Vili Fualaau.
Spotlight takes you inside the international sting to catch out the scammers targeting innocent Australians.
7NEWS Spotlight speaks to families who were involved in the hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas.
November 2023
Spotlight spent 6 months with Johnny and his partner Tahnee as he confronted the devastating condition that would eventually take his life. See how their love got them through the toughest of times.
October 2023
Folbigg did 20 years behind bars for crimes she has always denied. Then in 2023 she was dramatically released after new scientific evidence uncovered a possible alternative explanation for the deaths.
The most explosive Spotlight of the year as the Yes and No campaigns deliver their final arguments ahead of the Voice referendum.
September 2023
Football greats John Platten and Robbie O’Davis open up about the irreparable damage caused by their on-field concussions; and the incomparable strength they’ve found in the women who stand by them.
The most controversial story of the year as Spotlight uncovers the irreparable damage being visited on a generation of confused kids wrongly diagnosed as transgender.
August 2023
What turned a pretty, young nurse into one of the worst serial killers in history? Spotlight investigates the love obsession behind her motive for murder.
Spotlight uncovers explosive new revelations that strike at the heart of Brittany Higgins' rape allegations against Bruce Lehrmann as key witnesses break their silence.
Newly discovered archive video tapes lost for decades will reveal hidden moments of John Farnham's career, from phenomenal performances to interviews lost in time.
July 2023
Charles Wooley returns to 7NEWS Spotlight to showcase the breathtaking landscapes, untouched beauty and hidden paradise of Australia's Top End.
Largely banished from operating theatres at home, Spotlight follows Dr Charlie Teo as the controversial neurosurgeon treats desperate Australian patients in hospitals on the far side of the globe.