A Cold War Of Spies

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A Cold War Of Spies

During the Cold War two ideological hemispheres were created. Propaganda and media become the weapons of choice. In this episode, we show what the spread of false news means. Its purpose of creating chaos, and above all, distrust in government.

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Season 1
In October 1960, the world holds its breath for 13 days. The Cold War is at its peak and with it the espionage activity. We focus on double agents, spies who work for both sides. Who can be trusted and who has been flipped? What makes someone betray his country and risk his life?
We tell the story of the first US aerial spy flights, the creation of NATO, and the first exchange of spies in captivity. It ends with the first spy satellites, the ultimate eyes in the sky, which made it possible to observe the whole world in detail.
In 1938, German physicists discover that atoms can be split and releasing tremendous energy. A potential, which the USA, in cooperation with UK and Canada, must be able to use before their enemies. It is about nothing less than the ultimate weapon, which can destroy entire cities in one blow. The most important weapons pro...