A Crime To Remember

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A Crime To Remember

Kansas City, MO, 1953. Bobby Greenlease has been kidnapped. When the largest ransom payout in history fails to bring Bobby back, they must track down the culprits.

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Season 2
Berkeley, CA, 1955. Little Stephanie Bryan has disappeared without a trace, and police will have to use every tool at their disposal, from newspaper reporters to bloodhounds.
Tucson, AZ, 1965. When Gretchen Fritz and her sister Wendy leave for a movie and never come home, police must infiltrate the tight-knit world of Speedway teens.
San Bernardino, CA, 1964. When Lucille and Cork Miller's car crashes, Cork burns to death inside. Half the evidence suggests it was an accident, but was it a complete accident?
Austin, TX, 1966. A rain of bullets descends on students and faculty at the University of Texas, but when the smoke clears there remain more questions than answers.
Kew Gardens, Queens, 1964. Kitty Genovese is raped and stabbed to death outside her apartment building as her neighbors watch and do nothing.
Live Oak, FL, 1952. The revered Dr. Leroy Adams has been shot. In a time of segregation, figuring out who is responsible may not be as easy as simply identifying the killer.
Key Biscayne, FL, 1964. Candy Mossler finds her multi-millionaire husband, Jacques, stabbed to death in their apartment.
Season 1
In 1955, a shooting death occurs in the home of Ann and William Woodward after the couple returns home from a dinner party held for the Duchess of Windsor.
Judge Chillingworth and his wife say goodbye to friends at a party and are never seen again. Can police unravel this story of evil and corruption?
When two women are found brutally murdered in their flat, the NYPD is under pressure to catch the killer but make a tragic misstep while investigating.
After United Airlines Flight 629 explodes in mid-air, crash investigators wonder if it was an accident at all. Can it be the first-ever act of murder-by-airplane-bombing?
When a series of young females are murdered, the police hunt for the man called The Co-Ed Killer. Can they catch him before more women are killed?
When two children are found dead, police are convinced their parents are implicated. But will they be able to pin the heinous crime on their supposed guardians?