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Season 4
A man is involved in a collision and a young patient has an ankle facing the wrong way.
Season 3
A patient is flown in by air after falling down a ditch with her mobility scooter.
The Hull Royal Infirmary staff is shocked when a young man is brought in with stab wounds.
Season 2
After being run over by a car, Sue arrives with spinal and head injuries and Ethan starts to show signs of severe memory loss after banging his head at the skate park.
A patient ignores hospital policy and refuses to leave A&E after his treatment. While riding on his motorbike, Chris loses control and the 200kg bike flips, crushing his leg.
Season 4
A motorcyclist is rushed in for an emergency operation to stop internal bleeding.
An elderly man is in dire straits after being run over by a motorcycle.
A 48-year-old man is brought in after having been beaten with a baseball bat and bitten.
Season 2
A look behind the scenes at Hull Royal Infirmary, showing the night time challenges faced by NHS staff working in the Accident and Emergency Department.
Four men from Sudan are brought into hospital by police, suspected of being illegal immigrants, after being found at the ferry port.
Security are called when a patient is abusive to the nurses and doctors and Emma arrives by air ambulance after falling 30 feet off a castle wall.
25-year-old Chelsea arrives by air ambulance after being hit by a car while on a night out. 68-year-old Roger has accidentally swallowed disinfectant.
A 21-year-old gets into an argument with another patient in the waiting room. A retired coach driver is rushed in by ambulance after a fall.
A patient brought into A&E by police claims to have swallowed drugs, but he refuses to co-operate with staff, putting the NHS under further pressure.
A patient in A&E becomes agitated after waiting to be seen for a bleeding hand. Two patients are brought in after jumping from a first floor window to escape a house fire.
Tracy is rushed in after her motorbike collided with a deer. Adam fears an accident in the gym may prevent him competing in Hull's strongest man.
A young woman is admitted after sustaining a nasty injury falling off a bar stool in Hull. A man seeks help after blacking out while mopping the floor.
An aggressive patient in police custody is brought into hospital after a split eyebrow and facial injuries. The resus team attempt to save a patient suffering cardiac arrest.
73-year-old Simon is rushed to hospital with serious injuries after being thrown off his horse and cart at high speed. Doctors treat 25-year-old Georgia, who has been KO'd in a celebrity boxing match.
Staff are concerned the behaviour of a patient could be due to a head injury he sustained when falling downstairs. Doctors administer morphine to help a woman in agony, but the medics grow worried when her screams turn to silence.