A Taste Of Island Dreams

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A Taste Of Island Dreams

This pudding is a family favourite and represents how resourceful the people of the Cocos Islands are. Alimah Bilda shares a recipe passed down from her mother.

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Season 1
Amalul, Alimah's granddaughter, is a self-proclaimed bubble tea connoisseur. She shares her bright bubble tea brew and pays tribute to the vibrant and flavourful pandanus leaf.
This fish dish is a prime example of how something well-seasoned can be the star of the show. Salt, turmeric and a little bit of stock powder are all you need. Alimah Bilda shares the full experience.
A signature dish at Island Dreams Cafe and an all-round family favourite. Alimah Bilda shares a version with a punchier thicker sauce that coats the chicken and rice.