A Touch of Frost

May 2019

2. Widows And Orphans

4.0 8 x
Detective Inspector Jack Frost leads an investigation into a series of break-ins at a pensioners' home.

1. A Minority Of One

3.0 12 x
Detective Inspector Jack Frost is aided by an attractive female sergeant while he investigates a spate of vicious attacks on senior citizens.

3. Conclusions

3.0 13 x
Frost has his hands full when a hit and run leaves an old-age pensioner on the critical list.
April 2019

2. Not With Kindness

2.5 25 x
Frost has to put the personal trauma of his wife's death behind him and finds refuge in his work as he searches for a young girl who goes missing on her paper-round.
March 2016

Tue 15 Mar, season 13 episode 3

3.0 433 x
Detective Inspector Jack Frost reopens an unsolved murder when the remains of a young girl who went missing 20 years ago resurface.

Mon 7 Mar, season 13 episode 2

3.0 167 x
Detective Inspector Jack Frost is called to the scene of a puzzling crime: the driver and conductor of a passenger bus have mysteriously been kidnapped.
February 2016

Mon 29 Feb, season 13 episode 1

4.0 101 x
Three asphyxiated male bodies are found in a country lane buried in an unusual fashion. Is it a sign of satanic activity in the area?

Mon 22 Feb, season 12 episode 2

3.0 84 x
Frost is called to investigate when a couple returns from holiday to find the body of a complete stranger in their bed.

Mon 15 Feb, season 12 episode 1

3.0 141 x
Frost battles against a cunning, clever serial killer who leaves no forensic evidence, but Frost uncovers a mistake providing a vital clue to his identity and where he might strike next.

Mon 8 Feb, season 11 episode 2

3.0 75 x
Frost is called in for investigation after man's body is found on top of a mountain of glass at a council recycling plant with nothing to identify him but a denture with one gold tooth.