A Touch of Frost


Tue 15 Mar, season 13 episode 3

3.0 168 x
Detective Inspector Jack Frost reopens an unsolved murder when the remains of a young girl who went missing 20 years ago resurface.

Mon 7 Mar, season 13 episode 2

3.0 89 x
Detective Inspector Jack Frost is called to the scene of a puzzling crime: the driver and conductor of a passenger bus have mysteriously been kidnapped.

Mon 29 Feb, season 13 episode 1

3.0 66 x
Three asphyxiated male bodies are found in a country lane buried in an unusual fashion. Is it a sign of satanic activity in the area?

Mon 22 Feb, season 12 episode 2

3.0 42 x
Frost is called to investigate when a couple returns from holiday to find the body of a complete stranger in their bed.

Mon 15 Feb, season 12 episode 1

3.0 78 x
Frost battles against a cunning, clever serial killer who leaves no forensic evidence, but Frost uncovers a mistake providing a vital clue to his identity and where he might strike next.

Mon 8 Feb, season 11 episode 2

3.0 52 x
Frost is called in for investigation after man's body is found on top of a mountain of glass at a council recycling plant with nothing to identify him but a denture with one gold tooth.

Mon 1 Feb, season 11 episode 1

3.0 63 x
Detective Inspector Jack Frost returns to duty after being suspended. He soon finds himself embroiled in solving the case of a murdered man who has been leading a double life.

Mon 26 Oct, season 10 episode 3

3.0 84 x
A boy has gone missing. Has he been snatched or is he a runaway?

Mon 19 Oct, season 10 episode 2

3.0 41 x
The body of a security guard surfaces in a quarry and Inspector Frost's prime suspect is an unpredictable teenager who claims the killers were from another planet.

Mon 12 Oct, season 10 episode 1

3.0 98 x
While protecting a drugs case witness and her son in a safe house, Frost discovers that he has mislaid his winning lottery ticket.
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