Adam And Poh's Great Australian Bites

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Adam And Poh's Great Australian Bites

Australia's national capital is like no other, it's a city built on lunches. From the middle east to Asia - what filling do we like best?

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Season 1
Icons like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are famous throughout the world. But what are Australia's iconic dishes? What are some dishes we all agree are pretty tops? In this episode, we won't just be exploring iconic dishes - we'll be meeting iconic people too. But the big challenge? What one iconic d...
This episode we are going to look at one great Aussie culinary innovation we've gifted to the world! From flat whites, to avo on toast, Aussie baristas and cooks are sought after all over the world. So how did Australian brekky and brunch's make it big on the world stage? And was it just an excuse for drinking in the day.
Whether pulled from the freezer, scoffed down at the footie, or as quickie at a late-night convenience store, some might say that meat pies are Australia's national dish. So, Adam and Poh are heading to Tasmania on a quest to put together a not-so humble version of a classic Aussie pie.
Adam and Poh travel to Ballarat in regional Victoria hoping to find those three supporting pillars of Aussie culture and cuisine: a pub, a bakery, and a Chinese restaurant. Within this trifecta of taste lies the secret sauce that gives Australia not just great food, but also a unique culture and approach to life.
In this episode, Adam and Poh are heading to one of Australia's great food bowls in the Gippsland region of Victoria. They want to discover what it is we love about simple home cooking and attempt to make the ultimate Aussie family meal.
If Australia were a cake - what would be the recipe? To start with - the recipe is ancient, handed down over 60,000 years by the oldest, continuous living culture on the planet. Its ingredients consist of over 200 nationalities melding together in a desirable, aspirational flavour. But curiously for much of the past 150 ye...
A nation's cuisine reflects its history and its heart. With tens of thousands of years of continuous culinary history, Adam and Poh's adventure starts at the very centre of Australia: Uluru.