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Agatha Raisin

With one of Carsely's own looking like the number one suspect in a double murder case, the pressure is on for Agatha to find the culprit and ensure they're safely behind bars.

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Season 2
There's a dishy new church curate in town and attendance at Sunday service has never been higher... much to Sarah's chagrin. But all is not angelic in sweet happy Carsely.
Season 3
Business is booming for the Detective Agency so when Sir Charles' friend receives a death threat it's only natural they turn to Agatha for help. (Part 1)
To drum up new business at the Agatha Raisin Detective Agency James suggests they investigate a legendary haunted house. However, no one was expecting their first case to be quite so spooky. (Part 2)
Carsely is bursting with excitement over the launch of the Agatha Raisin Detective Agency. James suggests they investigate a legendary haunted house as the perfect opportunity to drum up business. (Part 1)
Season 4
Agatha is called in to investigate when her ex-fiance's fiancee is murdered the night before their wedding. (Final)
Wilkes hires Agatha to investigate the mysterious death of Dr Stevens when she falls from the roof at a jam-making competition he was competing in.
When James whisks Agatha away on a seaside trip to work on his new book, the last thing she expected was to end up in Snoth-on-Sea, and be suspected of murder.
It's Christmas Day and everyone is gathered around Agatha's for what turns out to be Agatha's best Christmas ever.
Season 3
When James vanishes after a blazing row with Agatha, everyone is left fearing the worst. It's up to Agatha to find out what really happened and bring James home safely. (Part 1)