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Season 23
Evidence from the disappearance of EgyptAir Flight 804 leads investigators to theorize different causes for the plane’s spiral into the Mediterranean.
When a UK billionaire and his family die in an Australian seaplane crash, investigators uncover a minor maintenance issue with deadly consequences.
Slamming into a mountain, Japan Airlines 123 becomes the deadliest single aircraft accident in history, and threatens to ground 747s worldwide.
Season 22
When Alaska Airlines Flight 261 suddenly nosedives into the Pacific, investigators uncover a critical maintenance issue with deadly implications.
Rocked by an explosion that rips both right wing engines off the wing, the pilots of Transair 671 manage a miraculous landing at a French military airfield.
When a two-billion-dollar Stealth Bomber crashes in Guam, it's up to the US Air Force to investigate the most expensive aviation accident of all time.
Amid thunderstorms and heavy rain, Martinair Flight 495 is on final approach to Portugal's Faro Airport when the DC-10 crashes, breaks apart, and slides off the runway.
Season 21
Facing a cascade of failures and an engine fire, a turboprop is just seconds from the tarmac in Montreal when it flips over and crashes to the ground.
Landing at one of the world's most challenging airports, a passenger plane comes in like a fighter jet and crashes, killing 51 of the 71 people aboard. Investigators piece together what when wrong.
A mid-air explosion rocks Southwest Airlines 1380. While pilots struggle to regain control, flight attendants make a horrifying discovery.
Indonesian investigators must determine why a Boeing 737 Max8—one of the best-selling new airplanes on Earth—plunged into the Java Sea.
A turboprop narrowly averts disaster after a lightning strike over the North Sea; investigators uncover an unusual feature in the plane that plays a key role in this calamity.
When a cargo plane crashes in Alabama, investigators must take an unusual approach to determine what happened on board UPS Flight 1354.
Examines Comair Flight 5191, operating for Delta Connection, which crashed into a wooded area while taking off from Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky, killing all but the first officer on board.
After a private jet slams into an Ohio apartment building, the National Transportation Safety Board uncovers an erratic descent, a puzzling delay, and a tragic perfect storm.
Season 19
The underdog heroes of Brazilian soccer are heading to play the game of a lifetime, but with the runway in sight, their dream turns into a nightmare.
After Continental Airlines Flight 1404 careens off the runway and crashes in flames, investigators are left to determine what was to blame.
A cargo plane crashes just moments after taking off from Miami, and it will take an anonymous tip to determine what went wrong.
Watch, Catch Up & Stream Air Crash Investigations Season 19 Episode 3 S19 E3 - Fatal Approach on 7plus. When a commuter plane crashes at Amsterdam airport, investigators determine that a minor circuitry problem sparked a cascading series of fatal errors.
A skilled captain manages to save his crippled aircraft and everyone on board, and then it's up to investigators to track down the microscopic culprit.