Air Crash Investigations

Air Crash Investigations catch up

Season 21

Season 21, Episode 9 - Seconds From Touchdown

4.0 17 x
Facing a cascade of failures and an engine fire, a turboprop is just seconds from the tarmac in Montreal when it flips over and crashes to the ground.

Season 21, Episode 6 - Meltdown Over Kathmandu

4.0 4 x
Landing at one of the world's most challenging airports, a passenger plane comes in like a fighter jet and crashes, killing 51 of the 71 people aboard. Investigators piece together what when wrong.

Season 21, Episode 5 - Cabin Catastrophe

3.0 13 x
A mid-air explosion rocks Southwest Airlines 1380. While pilots struggle to regain control, flight attendants make a horrifying discovery.

Season 21, Episode 4 - Grounded: Boeing 737 Max 8

3.0 4 x
Indonesian investigators must determine why a Boeing 737 Max8—one of the best-selling new airplanes on Earth—plunged into the Java Sea.

Season 21, Episode 1 - North Sea Nightmare

4.5 12 x
A turboprop narrowly averts disaster after a lightning strike over the North Sea; investigators uncover an unusual feature in the plane that plays a key role in this calamity.

Season 21, Episode 10 - Deadly Delivery

4.0 24 x
When a cargo plane crashes in Alabama, investigators must take an unusual approach to determine what happened on board UPS Flight 1354.

Season 21, Episode 3 - Tragic Takeoff

4.0 11 x
Examines Comair Flight 5191, operating for Delta Connection, which crashed into a wooded area while taking off from Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky, killing all but the first officer on board.

Season 21, Episode 2 - Playing Catch Up

3.0 19 x
After a private jet slams into an Ohio apartment building, the National Transportation Safety Board uncovers an erratic descent, a puzzling delay, and a tragic perfect storm.
Season 19

Season 19, Episode 9 - Football Tragedy

4.8 75 x
The underdog heroes of Brazilian soccer are heading to play the game of a lifetime, but with the runway in sight, their dream turns into a nightmare.

Season 19, Episode 7 - Runway Runoff

4.0 41 x
After Continental Airlines Flight 1404 careens off the runway and crashes in flames, investigators are left to determine what was to blame.